How To Hack Your Meals At The Pit

How To Hack Your Meals At The Pit

Welcome to the Pit, where the options will decline marginally as each week passes (that is, until Family Weekend and the visit of the Board of Trustees, when the options will significantly increase in quality).

In all seriousness, it’s not so much that the options will decline … you’ll just eventually realize that the rotation of options has come around three times already and you’re tired of the meatloaf. So, what’s a college student to do? At Wake Forest, we’re all creative (we all did complete those strange supplements and still got in, didn’t we?).

Here are the best ways to hack your Pit experience.

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Breakfast Burrito: For when cereal just won’t cut it.

1. Get in line at the egg station. Customize with your personal selection of vegetables and meats. For cheese, I personally recommend cheddar, but it’s also optional for the lactose intolerant. When it’s your turn, ask for a scramble with however many eggs (or whites) you’re hungry for.

2. While you’re waiting for your eggs to be cooked, go to the sandwich station and ask for the wrap of your preference.

3. Retrieve your cooked eggs and place them in the open wrap. Roll into a burrito (or a very large taco). Add hot sauce if desired.

Quesadilla: For when you no longer have food dollars to spend at Moe’s.

1. At the sandwich station, ask for the tortilla wrap of your choice.

2. Ask for several slices of cheese with nothing else. Avoid eye contact when doing so, as you will get a weird look.

3. Fold the tortilla in half. Hit up the salad bar for add-ins or the grill for some chicken to add if you desire. Place the folded tortilla on the panini press and press until the cheese is melted.

Avocado Toast: for Gen Z’ers who wish they were Millennials.

1. Find a piece of bread, from the gluten-free station for our gluten-free and vegan friends. Toast until golden brown.

2. Head to the grill station, where in their toppings bar you should find some avocado. Spread on your desired amount on top of your toast.

3. Throw a dash of salt and pepper on. Head to the salad station for some toppings, or eat as is.

Cinnamon Toast: For those craving a taste of comfort.

1. Start at the toasting station and place a piece of bread into the toaster.

2. As your bread is toasting, head over to the coffee station and grab a packet of granulated sugar (the white one, not the artificial pink and blues).

3. Check on the toast. If it’s toasted to your heart’s desire, butter that piece of bread and sprinkle on the sugar.

4. Last but not least, head over to the middle of the salad bar, where you can find cinnamon in the spice rack, and add some on top of your toast.

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