Euphoria Speaks To Many Millenials

“Euphoria” Speaks To Many Millenials

Imagine this: you’re in high school again, yet now all your friends do Molly, police investigations are more prominent than pep rallies and you have an intense drug addiction. That is the world of the new HBO hit Euphoria, starring Zendaya. While this may seem like the craziest show you’ve ever heard of, because it is, it’s also really good, while also touching on some very important issues. 

So what is Euphoria? This show premiered on June 16 after a plethora of commercials, including songs from Labyrinth and Instagram posts from Zendaya, which created an aura of hype around the premiere. Euphoria follows a junior in high school named Rue, who spent the summer in rehab. Along with Rue’s main story, the show breaks up into several other smaller stories following the other characters within the show. Each character proves to be more interesting than the last, each having a riveting and suspenseful backstory. The show surrounds these characters and their lives in and out of school, exaggerating their high school experiences, yet still relating to many viewers. 

Since the show’s premiere, it has received praise from several different sectors of human existence. The main praise of the show is from those who adore cinematography. Euphoria is filled with bright colors, lights and elaborate moving scenes. Doniella Davy, head of the makeup department, has gained a mass following since the show’s premiere, all due to the insane makeup looks on several of the show’s characters. Makeup artists all around the globe are recreating her looks and spreading them wider. 

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Along with makeup enthusiasts, Millennials also love Euphoria. This show was basically made for them, in the era of being a teenager in high school when technology is booming and tensions are high. Then, there is the LGBTQ+ representation throughout much of the show. Mainly through one of the main characters, Jules, as we watch her flourish and attempt to crush femininity, all while transitioning. This show intensely, at times explicitly, represents many teenagers today, which only increases its popularity. 

The most well-known actress within this show is Zendaya, with several of the other actors not being very well-known, unless you notice that the actor that plays Nate was in the Kissing Booth. Yet, due to this show, they have all received mass followings and praise from fans, and all is well deserved. These actors had to act according to their characters lives and the revelations that they had throughout the show. For example, Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat, is a relatively new actress. She depicts her character’s sexual awakening and increase in confidence with grace, making you love Kat. This goes for every actor in this show, even the smaller, supporting characters. 

Euphoria can be defined as a state of intense happiness and self-confidence. This relates to the whole theme of the show, as you watch Rue struggle with her drug addiction and her desire to feel “happy.” While watching this show, you may feel happy, sad, disgusted, scared, surprised and so much more, all in one episode. All I can say is, watch it. 

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