App Motivates People To Exercise

App Motivates People To Exercise

If you haven’t heard of the fitness brand Peloton, you are living under a rock. John Foley, CEO and co-founder, developed Peloton in 2012, and since then, the company has released an at-home spinbike, treadmill and my personal favorite: a digital app that provides access to hundreds of fitness classes taught by professional trainers. Peloton – Guided Workouts has truly changed my life and taken my fitness to the next level. When you purchase a bike or treadmill through Peloton, the app is included with your purchase. If you don’t have either of these machines, the app is available for around $20/month. Though it seems expensive, it is truly the investment of a lifetime.

Whether you are a spinner, runner, yogi, weight-lifter or just want to sweat a little bit more, the Peloton app is the app for you because it caters to everyone’s needs. By purchasing the app, you get access to a wide variety of fitness classes that are challenging, fun and make you feel like you’re right there in the studio. Regardless of what level you are, the app offers beginner, intermediate and advanced-level classes, and the instructors always encourage the audience to choose speeds or resistance levels that work for them.

I personally love mixing and matching different classes together. One day, I will do a 30-minute HIIT run with Olivia Amato combined with her 20-minute core strength class and a 10-minute post-run stretch to finish. Another day, I will take a 20-minute fun run with Oliver Lee, an additional 10-minute extra mile class with Jess Sims, a 10-minute core with Emma Lovewell and a five-minute toning class with Ally Love.

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Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can build a workout that is best for you. Before Peloton, I would get tired of my daily exercise routine because I never switched anything up. Because there is always something new on the app, you will never fall into a rut.

The best part about Peloton Digital is the community. Their motto is, “together, we go far,” so you always feel like there are people to enourage and to challenge you. Throughout the class, the trainers call out names on the leaderboard to cheer people on, and it reminds you of your strength when you feel like you can’t go any longer.

I have found myself running faster and lifting more than I ever thought was possible. Working out can be daunting when you are by yourself because the average person doesn’t always know what challenges them or what workout style they like best.

This app is the answer to all your exercise questions because it makes working out less stressful and more exciting since you come together with like-minded people. Now, I get excited to go to the gym and take classes with my favorite instructors. With thousands of people streaming the app worldwide, you always have a community to pick you up when you’re down and push you to reach new personal records.

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