Find the perfect costume this year

Find the perfect costume this year

Let me tell you, Halloween is a big deal. Speaking as a teenage girl, the stress, drama and anticipation leading up to Halloween can be insane.

Planning, deciding who you’re going to dress up with, deciding on the costume, switching the costume, switching who you’re dressing up with: it’s all madness!

As you probably know, there are many different types of people during Halloween.

First, you have your easy-way-out people. While many girls leap at the chance of dressing up for the holiday, some girls opt for the most basic, easiest costumes.

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I think I’ve been a cat for the last three years. Better not stop the streak now!

It’s relatively easy to transform yourself into a firefighter, police, devil, angel, ninja, etc.

For guys, it’s even easier. The lack of effort of some people during this awesome holiday astonishes me.

Seriously, putting on a jersey doesn’t mean you’re now a football player. I see you wear that every day to class. Put on some eye black or something!

Next you have your over-the-top extremists. People go to all sorts of lengths when it comes to Halloween.

I’m talking full costume, full makeup, scary stuff. It’s very overwhelming when you’re dressed as a “cute mouse” (a.k.a. grey spandex and tank top with ears) and you see a full zombie walk into the party. It’s even better if they act the part! I have a lot of respect for these people; it’s seriously impressive.

The best is when someone you wouldn’t expect goes all out and you’re in complete shock. Like that quiet kid in the back of your philosophy class who turns out to be a perfect Walter White.

You also see the fantastic group costumes. The two-part horse is my personal favorite. I mean seriously, who would voluntarily be the back half of the horse? Really, people!

I’ve seen people dress up as Avatars and Teletubbies. (And having all of the members of the Teletubbies walking around is just so gratifying) However, lone wolfing is super cool, too. Stand out. Do your own thing!

Finally, you have the full-on body costumes. I respect the people who wear these insane costumes because they sacrifice their own health to be them.

I mean have you ever seen someone not dripping in sweat after being in a costume like that? The answer is “no.”

Halloween has transformed from dressing up as your favorite TV show character or Disney princess and trick-or-treating to just another party with a theme. But in reality, it is so much more.

Halloween is the best holiday to go all out. It’s your one chance to dress crazily and to be anything you want to be.

So, this Halloween, don’t be that person that plans two months before and is annoying about it, but do have an awesome costume that you will be proud to post pictures in  on Instagram. It makes Halloween so much better!

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