The Bachelors 23rd Season Nears Its End

The Bachelor’s 23rd Season Nears Its End

If you spend your Mondays waiting to sit down with friends and watch Peter Weber search for his wife, you know that this week’s episode may have been a major turning point in that process. Last Monday, Weber and the top three ladies, Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett, went into the Fantasy Suites week in Gold Coast, Australia. 

Fantasy Suites week is never easy. Seeing your boyfriend kiss other women throughout the process is already hard, but knowing he might sleep with other women is a big pill to swallow. For frontrunner Prewett, maybe even too big of a pill. 

As Prewett revealed earlier in the season, she is a devout Christian who wants her husband to lead her family in faith and is saving herself for marriage. 

Anxious about how her decision could impact their relationship, Prewett confronts Weber after the hometown rose ceremony and tells him that it will be very hard for her to get over him sleeping with someone else during Fantasy Suites. 

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This request weighs on Peter throughout the week, seeing that Prewett is the last of the three women to go on her Fantasy Suite date. The only thing more awkward than Prewett’s Fantasy Suite ultimatum is that for the first time in Bachelor history, all three women are staying in the same hotel room. 

Waiting and knowing your boyfriend is with someone else is one thing, but waiting with his other girlfriend for the third girlfriend to come back is a kind of evil genius only The Bachelor production team can conduct. 

Not only does all of America watch Prewett anxiously await her turn, but Prewett has to watch the revolving door of women come back from their sleepover with Weber. Even Fuller admits that Prewett is “breaking down” and this is the first time she has been visibly shaken from the process. 

When it is finally time for Prewett’s fantasy date, her and Weber start the daytime portion by scaling Skypoint — “Australia’s highest external building climb.” As the two scale the top, Prewett reveals in a voiceover that scaling the top of the building has renewed her trust in Weber and she feels safe with him despite the doubt she has about his faith. 

Despite a romantic and successful date, Prewett and Weber’s relationship was quickly taken off course by the dinner portion of the night. It is at this point that Prewett finally tells Weber that she is saving herself for marriage.

 To many viewers, this confirmed that Prewett did not give an ultimatum but rather saw that Weber did not live up to her standards for who she wants as a husband, respecting herself and her values more than expectations that come with the show. 

However, other fans believe Prewett’s request is an unfair ultimatum for Weber, especially given that he is famous for sleeping with former bachelorette Hannah Brown four times in one night last season. 

While Weber is honest and reveals that he has been intimate (with one or both of the other women is unclear), he also made the snide comment that while he does see a future with Prewitt, he also sees a future with the two other women. 

After this comment, Prewett politely excuses herself from the table and walks away sobbing and subseqeuntly reveals to the camera that Weber may lose her. 

Weber eventually gets up from the table and the two embrace as he profusely apologizes, clearly very afraid of losing her and even says, “I can’t lose you.”

 Fans now think Weber’s actions with the other two women will cause him to lose Prewett, given that in the teaser for the upcoming week she is missing from the Rose ceremony. 

Although Prewett is a fan favorite, many are speculating whether Weber is the right man for her values and expectations. Does Prewett also think this? Is this why she only told him about her choice after the prior Fantasy Suite dates? Maybe Weber abused his power as the bachelor and forgot his relationships go two ways. Maybe Prewett is the first in Bachelor history to make the bachelor realize some roses have thorns. 

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