Why The Real Reel Podcast is a Great Listen For College Students

Why The Real Reel Podcast is a Great Listen For College Students

Amidst these unprecedented times, I find comfort in focusing my energy on something productive. Recently, I have been listening to Natalie Barbu’s The Real Reel Podcast to keep myself entertained while doing chores.

Barbu is a YouTuber, business owner, consultant and influencer living in New York City. In her podcast, she interviews a diverse range of young people about their respective professions. Personally, I think her episodes are extremely relevant for college students as her target audience is around the ages of 17-30. She discusses topics such as running your own business, starting a side hustle like podcasting, moving to a new city, managing finances, freelancing and getting a job right after college. 

In my opinion, her content is unique as her interviews don’t just cover the surface level of what a particular career path is like. Instead, Barbu delves into the deeper logistics of working those jobs. 

For instance, in her episode entitled “How Fay Afghahi went from being editor-in-chief of Elle Arabia to starting a hair health vitamin company,” she talks about the process of creating a product from scratch, branding and getting funding for a business. Afghahi also shares her transition from working a secure and prestigious job to taking the leap of faith and being her own boss. This was one of my favorite episodes as Afghahi’s story was raw and real. Her losses, doubts and struggles were relatable, and her current success reflects the lessons she learnt from them.  Listening to all these people talk about their passion gives me instant motivation to find my own. 

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Another interesting episode is entitled “Sitting down with a financial advisor — Everything you need to know to start investing, is budgeting important, and more ft. Gideon Drucker” where Barbu asks all the questions we, as college students, have about managing our finances. I found Drucker’s suggestions to be realistic and educational — he doesn’t tell you to stop buying a Starbucks coffee every day, but actually goes into how you can create a personalized budget based on your priorities. 

Barbu’s podcast offers specific and practical tips based on real life experiences without being corny or preachy. Her podcast stays true to its name by showing you the “real reel” of work life. I would highly recommend listening to it if you are stuck in a rut or need some extra inspiration to start thinking about working towards your career. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your professional goals and Barbu’s episodes are a great place to start.

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