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Against third party vote

Against third party vote

Emily Lintner September 15, 2016

Third party votes are a vital, necessary aspect of the election process. In theory, they serve as a way to ensure all voters cast a ballot for whoever they feel most aligns with their personal beliefs....

The recent GOP debate was disappointing

The recent GOP debate was disappointing

Emily Lintner November 5, 2015

The Republican debate on Oct. 28 was a cringe-worthy marathon of nonsensical policy proposals riddled with cheap buzzwords and false statistics. From the beginning, an extensive amount of attention was...

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS

Sanders supporters must volunteer more

Emily Lintner October 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush. These are some of the 2016 presidential election’s biggest names. And now, yet another name is joining their ranks — Bernie Sanders. Sanders is rapidly gaining...

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