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Cultural differences inform views of trust

Cultural differences inform views of trust
October 1, 2020

  I often wonder - how much do our cultural background and values affect our daily interactions? How much of our inability to communicate effectively with others truly is due to our differences?...

Private media posts perpetuate negligence

Private media posts perpetuate negligence
September 10, 2020

Social media inherently makes our lives more “public.” The varying platforms would seem to preclude a “private” life; posting anything on the internet can end up anywhere. Interestingly though,...

Precise Speech Requires Singular Implications

The dictionary
February 20, 2020

In the English language, there are words used daily, both casually and formally, that hold multiple meanings and that meaning depends on its usage. I find these multiple meanings problematic and contend...

Goodness Derives From Dubious Roots

Leon Francis, 62, went missing from his Newport News home on Jan. 14, 2020. His glasses were left at his home, sitting on a Bible that was open to Psalm 23, which begins
February 13, 2020

Are we good people, and do we even care about being good people? If we do care, what are our motivations for being good? With everything going on in the world — the not-so-slow decay of our planet,...

Collegiate Life Obscures True-Love And Sex

Something as simple as a romantic dinner out on Valentine's Day (especially if you have kids) to spend some quality time together will still be a great date idea. And a well-thought card expressing your love for each other goes a long way. (Viktoria Faion/Dreamstime/TNS)
January 30, 2020

Love. What is it? What does it mean? How do we get it? Or, more importantly, how do we know we’ve gotten it? These are all questions that, at some point or another, you may have asked yourself....

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