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Spotlight wows audiences

Photo courtesy of IMDb.com
January 28, 2016

Movie critics, journalists and theater-goers alike all have something to say about Spotlight. And for the most part, feedback has been overwhelming positive. Released to limited theaters on Nov. 6, Spotlight...

Make this semester the best yet

Graphic by Hope Game/Old Gold & Black
August 27, 2015

Coming back to Wake Forest is an exciting time, but many students struggle to adjust after a fun summer off. Here are some tips to help you transition smoothly this fall: Meet your professors. I wish...

How to beat the hangover blues

Graphic by Hope Game/Old Gold & Black
August 22, 2015

Welcome to Wake Forest, where we work hard and play harder. While some of you may have downed your fair share of adult beverages before college, a night out at Wake is something they don’t teach you...

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