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Expectations for studying abroad

Alan Solomon/Chicago Tribune/MCT
April 21, 2016

Numerous papers, tests and teacher evaluations are both a friendly reminder and rude awakening that the year is coming to an end. With only one week left of classes and one week of exams, it is hard to...

Volunteerism abroad never grows old

Chloe Elmer/Penn State University/MCT
April 14, 2016

Each morning for about 15 minutes, we walked a mile from our small hostel to reach Helping Hands, a school for 5 and 6 year olds located in the center of Cuzco, Peru. We walked across train tracks, up...

Hot yoga is a great exercise alternative

Jim Rassol/Sun Sentinel/MCT
April 7, 2016

Many people instantly dismiss hot yoga without even trying it because of the common understanding that during the practice you will sweat — a lot. Hot yoga is done in hot conditions in order to replicate...

Journals allow students to think freely

Wes Bausmith/Los Angeles Times/TNS
March 31, 2016

My mom handed me a bright, red leather bound notebook that had a long red ribbon glued to the inside of its spine. It was brand new; the pages were blank and the was book stiff. She gave it to me and smiled....

HBO documentary sparks controversy

Photo courtesy of IMDb
March 3, 2016

People really do get away with murder. The Jinx, a six-episode documentary series on HBO, tells the chilling story of Robert Durst. Durst, a scion of one of the wealthiest families in New York City, has...

Tokyo hosts world’s largest fish market

Jun Takagi/Chicago Tribune/KRT
February 25, 2016

In Japan, you won’t find a “crunchy spicy tuna roll” at a sushi bar. From many types of tuna to shrimp to uni (sea urchin), the Japanese take pride in the freshness and variety of fish they eat from...

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