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Sonic, voiced by Ben Schwartz, in a  scene from "Sonic the Hedgehog ."

New Sonic Film Misses The Mark

Layla Ghiai February 20, 2020

After the meme-worthy trailer including an uncanny-valley-like Sonic dropped last April, many were expecting this weekend’s Sonic the Hedgehog film to be a train wreck. However, Sonic’s redesign by...

Gears 5 Follows The Gears Of War Formula

“Gears 5” Follows The “Gears Of War” Formula

Layla Ghiai October 31, 2019

The newest installment of the Gears of War series, Gears 5, does not stray far from the Gears of War formula. Campaign, online multiplayer and cooperative game modes all return in this third-person shooter...

Wake Forest Feels Ripples Of Gun Violence

Wake Forest Feels Ripples Of Gun Violence

Layla Ghiai October 31, 2019

Breaking news flickers on your phone screen once again. It’s another mass shooting with an assault rifle. One, two, three, now four are dead. Even though these shootings have become a norm for many people,...

Portrait of poet Walt Whitman. (National Archives/MCT)

Walt Whitman Is Digitally Immortalized

Layla Ghiai October 3, 2019

Twenty-five years ago, Walt Whitman’s poems were scattered throughout libraries across the globe. Now, someone doing a dissertation about Whitman can Google the Walt Whitman Archive and find a complete...

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