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Outdoor activity can ease anxiety during finals

Pilot Mountain State Park is about a 20 minute drive from campus and showcases views of both mountains and the Winston-Salem skyline. The park has hiking trails and offers climbing opportunities as well (Maggie Burns/Old Gold & Black)
Spending some time in green spaces can help with anxiety and depression
November 19, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, students are dealing with the pressures of academia along with anxiety and depression as a negative side effect of COVID-19.  Mental illness among college students...

It must be something in the water: E. coli

Runoff from stormwater creates pollution in streams near campus (Riley Herriman/WFU)
Recurring rains have carried human waste from the Reynolda campus to nearby water streams
November 12, 2020

As senior Anna Shutley tip-toed from rock to rock along the stream adjacent to the Reynolda Trail near campus, she lifted rocks in search of reptiles and amphibians for her herpetology class. She found...

Tides are changing for national climate policy

The Trump administration did not prioritize climate change, but Biden-Harris promise to
November 12, 2020

With a new administration comes plenty of new changes. One of the many issues President-elect Joe Biden's new administration intends on tackling in their first few months in office is climate change. Based...

N.C. deer population spreads Lyme Disease

The white-tail deer population in North Carolina is reaching all-time highs because they are not hunted in protected areas of the state (David Joles/TNS)
As the deer population in North Carolina grows, so do cases of Lyme Disease
November 5, 2020

With the population of white-tailed deer rising in North Carolina, it is becoming increasingly difficult to counteract the public health concerns that follow.  According to the N.C. Wildlife Resources...

Campus COVID-19 cases mirror national trend

The operating status has been changed from Yellow to Orange on campus, which restricts some on-campus activities. This climb in cases on campus is reflective of the rise in number throughout the country (Ken Bennett/ WFU)
As global numbers of COVID-19 cases increase, so do cases on campus
October 29, 2020

Last week, Wake Forest changed its operating status to Orange, meaning that campus is now under stricter COVID-19 guidelines than before. This is the first time the university has tightened restriction...

COVID-19 complicates annual flu season

Flu season will be upon us in the coming months. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the university is requiring all students to get a flu shot (Mario Tama/TNS)
Here’s a list of a few things you should know about the influenza virus and vaccine
October 22, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, especially one with the amount of uncertainty COVID-19 has brought with it, there are few phrases scarier than “flu season.” As temperatures drop and the season changes,...

Voter guide to presidential candidates’ climate policies

De izquierda a derecha, Donald Trump, candidato republicano a la reelección, y Joe Biden, candidato demócrata a la presidencia de EEUU. (JIM WATSON,SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images/TNS)
October 15, 2020

The current presidential race is perhaps the most contentious in American history, and navigating campaign sites or hanging onto every word of a debate can sometimes be tricky.  One of the big ticket...

COVID-19 could severly complicate flu season

A syringe is filled with flu vaccine. (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times/TNS)
October 8, 2020

Almost seven months have passed since COVID-19 was officially declared a global pandemic. Although for many it feels as if the pandemic has been changing the way that our lives operate for much longer,...

The pandemic is taking a toll on mental health

The pandemic is taking a toll on mental health
October 8, 2020

While the coronavirus attacks one’s upper respiratory system, the fear and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic are just as violently attacking some people’s mental health.  This virus thrives...

COVID-19 reveals racial disparitiy in Forsyth County

COVID-19 reveals racial disparitiy in Forsyth County
October 1, 2020

When the pandemic hit the United States in early March, North Carolina and Forsyth County were initially relatively untouched. Dr. Blake Briggs witnessed first-hand the spread of the virus in the heart...

Preventable fires rip through the west

Preventable fires rip through the west
September 24, 2020

2020 proves to be filled with one unexpected turn after another. One of the newest unforeseen trends is the extremity of gender reveal parties. One gender reveal party in particular is especially troubling. According...

Experts address fears around COVID-19 vaccine

While plenty of people have volunteered for clinical trials, many others are concerned about fast-tracking a COVID-19 vaccine. (Dreamstime/TNS)
September 24, 2020

Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus in December, infectious disease experts across the world have been working around the clock to develop a vaccine.  This effort is especially critical for...

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