How to make Halloween special

Due to university restrictions, students might find it difficult to celebrate this year

Tilson Gitter, Contributing Writer

As I am sure you are all aware, the university is now operating under modified campus operations due to the increase in the spread of COVID-19. This means that many blended classes have shifted online, dining options are encouraged to be taken to-go and the maximum capacity for group gatherings are being strictly enforced. In an effort to mitigate the spread of this virus, students should limit their exposure to others, most notably at bars and restaurants. So now the question you are all asking yourselves, what are we going to do for Halloween? Below I will list fun and socially distanced Halloween ideas, that help us do our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Pumpkin Picking/Carving

Pumpkin Carving is the perfect activity for a small group or to do alone. Trader Joe’s has a variety of pumpkins in different shapes and sizes, all under $10.00. Although, if time allows, I suggest visiting Hawk’s pumpkin patch as entry is free and it’s only about a 20-minute drive from campus. They often serve hot apple cider and a variety of other snacks. This is the perfect study break for the remainder of the week or on Halloween. Return to campus and carve away. If you have a kitchen, cook the seeds for an extra fall treat.

Drive in Movie

There are a lot of spooky drive-in movies taking place throughout the week at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. On Halloween, four different movies are playing beginning at 6:45 p.m. and concluding around midnight. Stop at the nearest store or gas station on the way to the fairgrounds to pick up drinks, snacks, candy, etc. This is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit while keeping your distance from others.

Farmers Market 

On Saturday morning the vendors at the farmers market are having a costume competition. There will be many food trucks on sight and a portion of the proceeds raised on Saturday will benefit the Cobblestone Farmers Market food access program, an organization with the goal of making healthy food options more accessible to the community.

A Night in with your Roommates

A night in may look different for everyone, although sometimes this is much a needed break from the chaos that has characterized this semester. Talk to the people you live with and plan a night in. Maybe face masks and movies or maybe this includes music and board games. This idea is completely open to you and your roommates’ preferences. Do not let the idea of missing out on Halloween keep you from staying in. Rather view staying in as prioritizing your safety and wellbeing. 

I hope that some of these ideas sound intriguing. Although, if they don’t suit your interests that is completely fine too. But please keep in mind that Halloween is a single day. One day is not worth risking fourteen days in the hotel. Or even worse, an outbreak that could potentially send the entire campus home for the semester. Lastly, please keep in mind the faculty, staff, students and medical professionals that have made this semester possible. We can show our gratitude by respecting COVID-19 policies in an effort to keep those we care about safe and ensuring we are able to complete the semester without being sent home.