Student looks for missed connection

A student met a girl at the Wake Forest-UVA game, but never got her number


The four friends at the Wake Forest v. UVA football game last month. All that’s left of the magical interaction is a hat and a missed connection (Essex Thayer/Old Gold & Black)

Essex Thayer, Staff Writer

Dear Abigail (Abie, Abbie, Abby, Abbey, Aby, Abi),

For my friend’s sake, I wish I knew more than just your first name; perhaps, I would not be writing this. All I know is that you like cowboy hats, Deacon football and maybe, my friend too. For the past few weeks, all I have heard is how you were the girl that got away. We did our best to find you, let me assure you. We scoured Instagram and WIN’s internal directory looking for you, but to no avail. So, here I am writing this to learn who you are and to score my friend a date.

A group of four of us attended the Virginia football game back in October. Three of us wore rather traditional football game apparel, but one of our friends took his outfit to another level. He was, by far, the best-dressed attendee, clad head to toe in cowboy gear, hat included. While his all denim outfit was certainly a draw, you seemed to be particularly infatuated with his large rimmed, black cowboy hat. All I remember is you tapping my friend on the back and remarking what a nice hat he was wearing, and I suggested he let you wear it. Obvious conversation starter, right? And he did let you wear it. You wore his hat with pride, took pictures and had a good time, but that is where the story ends. Wake went home with a win, but my friend lost that night. All he was left with was a name: Abby … or Abbey, or something like that. To be honest, we aren’t even a 100% sure that the name is right to begin with.

I know this may come across as untraditional and perhaps a little suspect, but we both know my friend, and what kind of wingman would I be if I let him crash and burn? For my sanity, and maybe his too, I hope you are out there reading this and inspired to wear that cowboy hat again. I eagerly await your response.


The Wing man of the Love Seekin’ Deacon