Flat soda is good, guys, I swear

Flat soda excites with its delicious flavor that is simply unbeatable



Coca Cola with Coffee (Coca-Cola)

Selinna Tran, Life Editor

The best things in life are flat. Soda, the earth, Fergie’s national anthem performance. I will preface that this article will not be one that argues the ostensible truth of the flatness of the earth. Rather, this article will be highlighting a dining decision that certainly does not have its deserved recognition — flat soda.

By now, you must know that your favorite culinary Magellan has received quite a bit of contentious feedback for her cuisine advice.

However, the fatalistic population of the Old Gold & Black audience will not deter me from daring to explore the culinary beyond. Life would be extremely monotonous if we chose to fit into the boring white bread molds that society asks us to.

Dare to make a choice that is different from those of others. The campus of Wake Forest University consists of bright thinkers and dreamers. Who is to say that that dream cannot extend to flat soda?

There is a sweet tang to non-carbonated soda that I can best describe as “sugar water.” If that does not sound appealing or appetizing to you, you should consider instead the feelings associated with drinking flat soda.

There is no fizzy carbonation that bites back and attacks your throat. In its place, is a smooth and delicious flavor. I must say that I do not often drink soda, but my favorite flavor is orange-vanilla Coca-Cola (served flat of course).

The burning feeling of soda is the primary pioneer of my disdain for regular soda. When I learned that there was a way I could enjoy the sweet beverage without having my throat be lit on metaphorical fire, I jumped at the opportunity. There is nothing like a wonderfully flat Coca-Cola to brighten your day.

This discovery was born out of a pure accident. As mentioned, I do not normally drink soda and it is seldom my first option for a beverage. However, one day there was an extra can that was accidentally left to sit upon being opened. I noticed that everyone in my household had strayed away from it in disgust. Being the culinary adventurer that I am, I decided to be the brave soldier to drink this forgotten beverage.

Little did I know that I would soon discover one of my favorite beverages of all time — a simple, sweet and flat Coca-Cola. I will never go back to the days of drinking carbonated doo-hickey and I implore you, reader, to try some flat soda today.

You can create this delicious concoction very easily — just crack open your favorite soda flavor (maybe try orange-vanilla while you are at it) and the let can sit and “marinate.” This “marination” process will essentially release all the nasty carbonation and bubbles that make soda a terrible beverage choice.

I always hold so much joy to share my culinary stories with the readers of the Old Gold & Black and I hope that flat soda is met with a warmer welcome than warm cheesecake. Flat soda may soon be a staple in your diet!