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Guster performs at Ziggy’s

Alternative rock band Guster performed to a huge crowd at Ziggy’s on Jan. 26.

With remarkable versatility and quirkiness, each member showcased their incredible musical talent, switching positions constantly during the show.

They utilized the sounds of various instruments like the banjo, trumpet and ukulele. Usually these instruments aren’t associated with rock groups, but the band is so skillful it didn’t  sound gaudy and awkward.

Although Guster’s instrumentation may catch first-time listeners off-guard, it is a huge example of their eccentricity. 

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During the encore, Ryan Miller picked up a dreadfully off-key guitar that had been hung on the walls as decor.

Then, Miller, one of the two lead vocalists, came up with the idea to improvise with the untuned guitar.

The guitar, Miller’s voice and the masterful beats created by drummer Brian Rosenworcel all harmonized beautifully.

At that point, the “vibe” in the room changed from that of a rock n’ roll concert to a heavy metal concert, with Ryan screaming: “Budweiser! It’s a beer!”

Some audience members were left cringing while others filled the room with laughter and applause.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most memorable concert moments for me.

Along with the untuned guitar, Guster also used of other aspects of Ziggy’s decor.

Hanging on the roof was a giant silver disco ball, which reflected a white polka-dot pattern everywhere.

The polka-dots came to the forefront when Guster played “This Could Be All Yours,” as they created a dreamy atmosphere that blended well with the fragmented lyrics.

I felt as though I was back in one of my childhood dreams.

The way Guster created the atmosphere in the venue shows the attention to detail that they put into each and every performance.

Guster’s show at Ziggy’s marks their fourth appearance at the venue since they first visited Winston-Salem in 1998.

They are a Boston-based band started in the 90s, but trust me they are not a 90s band. If this number says anything about them, it should attest to their years of touring experience.

The show was full of surprises. In addition to the light-hearted Budweiser piece, Ryan Miller engaged the audience throughout.

At one point, he remarked on the floating particles made visible by the lighting, and gave a random fun fact about how 90 percent of dust is consisted of human skin.

Overall,  I would say that Guster’s performance at Ziggy’s was delightful.

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