Study abroad chances return post-COVID

Wake Forest offers different opportunities for those wishing to study abroad

Christina Denovio, Sports Editor

With study abroad opportunities stripped away for the 2020-2021 academic year due to COVID-19 travel and living restrictions, many members of the Wake Forest class of 2022 had to cancel their plan to spend a semester of their junior year away from their college’s primary campus.

“I was set on going to London my spring semester through the Instep Program,” senior Justin Adler said. “After banking recruiting, I was most excited to just travel to Europe since I hadn’t been and have an internship through the program.”

“I was pretty bummed after it got cancelled,” Adler continued. “I hope to go again after graduation.”

Thanks to solutions developed by health care professionals across the world, study abroad options are back on the table. With this progress, operations on and off campus are getting back to normal. College students with a desire to explore new territory and learn about a different culture overseas will once again have the opportunity to do so for the 2021-2022 school year.

The class of 2023 will make up the majority of jetsetters. Travel options include Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

“I’m really looking forward to bonding with the people on my program and immersing myself in a new country,” junior Juliet Sullivan said. Sullivan will be studying in London at the Worrell House this fall, said. “I’m a history and politics double major, so learning about the history of other countries has always been really interesting, and I’m excited to explore the U.K.”

The experience will be different from years past, as so many aspects of life have changed since the global pandemic first hit.

“COVID has caused a lot of stress and uncertainty leading up to the trip, and I’m very relieved that things seem to be working out,” Sullivan said. “There are strict entry and travel requirements, which I don’t mind, but I’m hoping it doesn’t impede my ability to explore Europe outside of the UK.”

On Wake Forest’s Study Abroad website under the COVID-19 Updates section, a statement reads, “The Center for Global Programs & Studies (GPS) continues to plan for the resumption of study abroad/away programs for all future terms. GPS staff and University officials will actively monitor the global health landscape, governmental advisories, travel restrictions, etc. We will directly communicate relevant updates to students and the campus community[…]”

Following the statement, there is a list of FAQs that range from questions about airfare to housing.

For those unsure whether or not they should give studying abroad a try, the Center for Global Programs and Studies gives a plethora of reasons.

Whether it be immersing oneself in a brand new culture or searching for personal growth, students can be assured that taking the opportunity to study abroad will open the door to a new and exciting experience.

When asked what she is most anticipating for her semester abroad, junior Stefy Espinosa, who will be exploring Barcelona in the fall, said, “I’m looking forward to experiencing the culture and becoming a local.”

While many students have opted to stay on campus this year, those who were interested in studying abroad have the COVID-19 vaccine to be thankful for. Restrictions of varying degrees depending on the location will be in place, but the opportunity to venture out of the country has proven to be a privilege this past year.

More information on Wake Forest’s study abroad program, along with details on scholarships and financial aid, can be found at