Experience the many sounds of fall

Packed with folk and pop hits, you’ll find everything in this perfect fall playlist

Scan the QR code to access the perfect fall playlist by Maddy Rothfield.

Scan the QR code to access the perfect fall playlist by Maddy Rothfield.

Maddy Rothfield, Staff Writer

The air is getting colder, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are being advertised and everyone is breaking out flannels. This can only mean one thing — fall is here. In the spirit of the magic that is an East Coast autumn, I have compiled a list of must-listen fall tunes. In my very humble opinion, this is the end-all-be-all of fall playlists, but I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

Starting off strong, we have “Cherry Wine” from Hozier’s self-titled debut album. This song will bring you chills. The peaceful acoustic guitar and whispers of Hozier’s god-sent voice are the perfect way to ease into fall.

Second up to bat, we have “Bloom” by Paper Kites, another acoustic tune that feels like falling leaves and Sunday mornings. The gorgeous songwriting in “Bloom” describes a lazy, golden day.

The song goes, “In the morning when I wake/And the sun is coming through/Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness/And you fill my head with you.” If that doesn’t feel like the first breath of fall I don’t know what does.

Third, we have your choice of two Fleet Foxes songs. (Full disclosure, I could’ve easily made this entire playlist composed of Fleet Foxes songs, but, out of respect for variety, I’m only adding two.) First, we have “Blue Ridge Mountains”, a fitting song to play while you drive through the gorgeous foothills of the mountains in our very own backyard. The song describes the feeling of missing a brother and yearning to reconnect with the raw beauty of the wilderness. After this, it is only fitting to play their most popular song, “Mykonos”, If you’ve never heard it, I won’t spoil it for you. Go listen right now.

After spending some time in the indie-acoustic-folk persuasion, we are switching gears to Kacey Musgraves’ more upbeat track, “Cherry Blossom”, which comes off of her new album, “Starstruck”. You might be saying, “Cherry blossoms bloom in spring, why is this on the fall playlist?” To that, I have no real answer, just take my word on this one.

Next up, we continue exploring magical female singer/songwriter energy with the queen of heartbreak and moodiness, girl in red. And I’m not talking about her hit single “we fell in love in october”, although it is an incredible pick for a rainy day tune, I’m talking about “forget her” — the sleeper single that the world seemed to skip over. It’s perfectly forlorn and longing, keeping with the sleepy acoustic sound that feels perfectly autumn. Honorable mentions include “I wanna be your girlfriend” and “watch you sleep”.

For our next track, we are featuring Daniel Nunnelee and his uplifting folk song, “Oak Trees”. To be entirely honest, I found this artist on TikTok last week and was blown away by his raw songwriting talent and soulful voice. You can really feel the passion of a budding star in his songs, so go give him a listen. Someday, if he becomes famous, you can say you knew him way back when.

I couldn’t make this playlist without adding some Soccer Mommy, particularly her song “Bloodstream”. For no reason at all, this produces the same images within me as hippie girls in 2007: flowy skirts, CDs and sitting at my sister’s lacrosse game as a kid. Feeling confused? Me too.

Of course, Ms. Phoebe Bridgers is making an appearance on the playlist. “Scott Street”, which comes off of her 2017 album, “Stranger in the Alps”, gives us sadness, nostalgia and an overwhelming feeling of peace. Practically all her music feels this way, which is why she is the highlighted artist of this article. Check it out, cry a little and then go feel like the main character in your very own movie. You got this.

I’m betting you weren’t expecting it, but Taylor Swift had to make it on here too. Her song, “August”, has been my end of summer anthem, and I do not say that lightly. She writes, “But I can see us lost in the memory/August slipped away into a moment in time/’Cause it was never mine” providing a glimpse into a life you could so easily slip into. She captures that feeling of summer’s end approaching along with the accompanying feelings of uncertain fear and anxious joy.

And for the closing tune, we are ending on a note of hope. I could think of no better way to finish out this playlist than “Silver Lining” by Mt. Joy. It’s the type of song you would hear at the end of the credits of a film, cruising into a long stretch of the open road with nothing but open windows and the invincible feeling of youth. A la “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, this song feels like the beginning of a new chapter.

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