Wente attends first leadership conference


University President Dr. Susan Wente speaks with Student Body President Ally Swartzberg and Senator Pilar Agudelo.

Hannah Abernathy, Staff Writer

This past weekend, Wake Forest President Dr. Susan Wente participated in her first President’s Leadership Conference (PLC).

Heading into the weekend, Wente’s goal was simple: to learn.

“My primary goal was to participate actively in this important campus tradition for our student leaders,” Wente said. “I wanted to understand how the PLC supports leadership development and facilitates collaborations, as well as how I, as president, can actively contribute to those goals. In addition, I enjoyed tremendously the time I got to spend in conversation with Wake Forest students and campus leaders.”

Wente was impressed with the Wake Forest Student Government, which organized the event.

“Overall, the weekend was extremely well organized, and the deep thought and care student government leaders put into making the weekend successful were quite evident,” Wente said.

She continued: “Through the Call to Conversation, I was able to get to know several students and staff colleagues and hear their perspectives on Wake Forest and broader life experiences.”

Based on her interactions over the course of the event, Wente has gained a greater appreciation for Wake Forest’s community of students, faculty and staff.

“Being part of the weekend certainly reinforced my ideas about how committed this community is to ensuring all Wake Foresters are able to engage in discovery and thrive here,” she said.

“To do that, we have to work together to uphold our values and recognize our responsibility to one another in cultivating the kind of community we hope to be. That work will take all of us, and I left [the PLC] feeling as though student leaders were really committed to that sense of shared purpose and responsibility.”

After the success of this year’s conference, Wente is excited to continue working with student leaders throughout her tenure.

“As a new member of this community, I really appreciated the opportunity to participate and engage deeply with student leaders, and look forward to doing so again next year,” said Wente.