Five albums to add to your repertoire

These five alternative indie albums are iconic and encompass the beauty of the genre


Sofia Bazant, Contributing Writer

The alternative indie side of the music industry has produced countless incredible songs over the last five years that have earned a special place in my heart. Five specific albums come to mind as collections that will never get old.

1. THE 1975 — “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”

This profound second studio album by The 1975 features poetic lyrics addressing human nature and relationships and the controversial politics of the modern world through versatile hits. The English indie rock band earned the sixth spot on NME’s Best Albums of the Decade, and deservedly so.

Each song, written by lead singer Matthew Healy, leaves receptive listeners with meaningful lyrics, while also evoking a distinct infusion of ambient and disco along with mixed paced tracks and interludes.

Now, I wouldn’t be able to write about these incredible albums without offering my personal opinion on the best tracks. Between the thought-provoking lyrics and colorful beats, I denote the following five songs as the most beautifully crafted tracks on the album: “A Change of Heart”, “She’s American”, “This Must Be My Dream”, “Paris” and “Somebody Else”.

2. HALSEY — “Badlands”

Halsey created the lyrical masterpiece of “Badlands”, which landed a second place on the Billboard Top-200 within a year of its release. The iconic concept album uncovers themes of love, rebellion and darkness in a collection of emotional tracks about the dystopian society of The Badlands. The alternative indie album echoes the darker-sounding production of Chase Atlantic and similar artists like the Neighbourhood.

Five years after its release, I continue listening to this album on repeat. Here are my top songs: “Coming Down”, “Drive”, “Young God”, “Ghost” and “Hurricane”.

3. CHASE ATLANTIC — “Chase Atlantic”

The Chase Atlantic album takes inspiration from artists such as The 1975 and The Weeknd and alternative indie artists such as the Neighbourhood and Tame Impala. Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Christian Anthony spoke on behalf of Chase Atlantic for the thought behind their unique sound, saying, “I feel like our music is a bit left of reality, it’s almost a dreamlike state” in a 2017 ThomasBleach interview.

The dream state effect of Chase Atlantic tracks makes the album a night-time staple. The lyrics prompt deeper conversations regarding drugs, mental health and relationships through metaphorical lines, and thus categorize the album with a similar (yet darker-sounding) vibe to that of The 1975.

4. TURNOVER — “Peripheral Vision”

“Peripheral Vision” is a vastly underrated multi-influence album by the American indie rock band Turnover. It holds a nostalgic tone across its cohesive and similar-sounding vocals, which is accompanied by mesmerizing guitar instrumentals. The melodic LP encompasses a fresh, upbeat and serene set of tracks that explores the raw feelings associated with love, anxiety and memories. It all blends smoothly and echoes the calming sensations of The 1975’s songs.

Five songs I could not live without are “Cutting My Fingers Off”, “Dizzy on the Comedown”, “Like Slow Disappearing”, “I Would Hate You If I Could” and “Intrapersonal”.

5. EDEN — “End Credits”

The concept album “End Credits” is a heartfelt and explosive project that EDEN produced from the bedroom of his childhood home. The powerful album examines human existence and love, and the intersection between the past, present and future in deeply meaningful lyrics that add dimension and nuance. The tracks feature snippets of spoken voice recordings and a mix of ominous and tranquil notes for an overall reflective dark alternative tone.

While the ensemble of these five works of art can be categorized simply as alternative indie albums, I believe they all deserve a more definitive title. Listening to the tracks on repeat leads me to one simple and perfectly fitting description: timeless albums.