Reviewing the Single Brothers bar

Single Brothers is a small bar located on Trade Street of Downtown Winston-Salem


Single Brothers bar, with the drinks Sweet Grass and Side Card pictured. The bar exudes a moody ambiance that plays well with its relaxed nature.

Elisabeth Kuguru , Staff Writer

Welcome to Bar Review. For the record, this has nothing to do with the law school and everything to do with alcohol. 21-plus only, please. Every Thursday, I visit different bars in Winston-Salem and give you all my honest opinions as a student who has recently turned 21 and is new to the bar scene.

This week I visited Single Brothers, a small bar on Trade Street. I had been to Single Brothers before, but never with the intent to review it. Although I had heard weird rumors about a staffing issue earlier this year, it seems Single Brothers has made a comeback — the bar even got a bit busy on the rainy Thursday night I visited.


As usual, I started off with a basic $8 pickleback. I firmly believe it’s a great way to begin the night.

Next, I asked for their most popular cocktail. All of their cocktails are $12, which is more pricey than I would have expected, as this bar is not known for their cocktails.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the Sweet Grass, which is made with vodka, lemon, syrup and orange and garnished with mint and cucumber.

The drink was refreshing and a little citrusy, but definitely on the sweet side. If you like lemonade and enjoy a drink with little to no alcohol, this is the drink for you.

Lastly, I ordered the Easy Tiger, which was the bartender’s favorite. This drink was especially well-balanced and delicious. It consisted of tequila, lime, honey and ginger. To be honest, I feel like it cured my cold. This cocktail is great for when you want to feel like you’re being healthy but still want to drink alcohol.

As an honorable mention, I also tried the Side Car, made of Cognac, orange liqueur and lemon. It was very Cognac-forward, so if you’re into that, I would definitely recommend ordering the Side Car.


The bar is decorated with potted plants and candles, and overall, had a red, moody look to it. The music was, for the most part, chill pop with a splash of afro-beats, which I really appreciated. Their bathrooms were fairly clean and also had mints which added a nice touch.

Single Brothers bar was a bit small, but it gave good vibes for a more relaxed weeknight. The bartender was very kind and professional. Once they got busy — around 9:30 p.m. — it became obvious that they were understaffed (the barback did not show up until around 10 p.m. !) Other than that, the experience was overall a positive one.

Final Rating:

I would rate Single Brothers a solid 7.5/10. The drinks were adequate for their price, but the bar is clearly not a place for cocktails. The service was welcoming, but they do seem to have some staffing issues. Overall, I would potentially recommend Single Brothers on a weekday, but not as my first choice.

Don’t forget to drink responsibly!