Snapchat complicates social life

The popular social media app, Snapchat, is stressful and unnecessary in most cases


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Snapchat may be more stressful than it is worth.

Abby Komiske, Contributing Writer

Snapchat is overrated. I’m sorry — it just needs to be said. 

Some people have problems with TikToks or Instagram. I have a problem with Snapchat. Maybe this is just my problem, but the only media I consume regularly on Snapchat are the stories — and occasionally, I stalk the Snap Map as well. I will only open snaps from people about once a week when I am bored. 

For context, the only notifications I get are text messages, emails and phone calls — those are hard enough to answer as it is. 

People are always trying to snap me questions or plans, and I completely miss it because the message was sent on Tuesday and I did not get around to opening it until Saturday. I’ll admit that half of the time it’s my own fault. I will start talking to someone and then just forget to open their next message after a while. And, yes, that’s a result of the notification situation I previously mentioned — but there’s a reason we have iMessage. Texts are efficient. I have to respond to texts in a timely manner because of good etiquette. 

And before I go on, I need to address the actual concept of Snapchat. I like seeing content on Snapchat, don’t get me wrong, but I have never understood the logic behind constantly sending the same picture of yourself to people. 

I want to see videos and images that would be weird to send via text. Send me your friend’s Christmas tree made out of traffic cones or a clip of a “Love Island” episode that’s too funny to pass up. Unfortunately, the spam of unoriginal pictures from streaks and other Snapchat content always stops me from seeing the good stuff. 

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On that note, streaks are a huge pet peeve of mine — I can’t express it enough. Like anyone in middle school, I was caught up in the frenzy of worrying about streak numbers. I genuinely cared about how many streaks I had with people and how large my snap score was. But really, what was I thinking? I’m glad that I have come to my senses. I could live the rest of my life content without seeing another fire emoji used in that context ever again. I’ll stand by my opinion unless someone can convince me that they somehow enhance any part of my life. Maybe I’m biased because of my other previously mentioned preconceived notions, but the whole concept is just so repetitive. 

However, I will admit to you that because I never respond to or open snaps, there is also a healthy amount of shame regarding my “best friends” list. When I do actually take the time to browse, that aspect makes Snapchat ten times worse. After all, if I respond to you even once, you’re most likely on the list. 

That being said, I still haven’t been able to force myself to delete the app — even with all my complaints — so I’ll constantly be between seeing and missing life updates and plans. I know I could turn on my Snapchat notifications and solve this issue once and for all, but I already have a subpar track record with my social media behavior, so I’m in a lose-lose situation either way. Now that you’ve read my opinion, is Snapchat one of my fatal flaws, or am I right to claim that Snapchat is completely overrated? No matter what conclusion you come to, please just text me your answer. That would be great.