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Gnash releases new album “us”

If you like the artists G-Eazy or Skizzy Mars, there’s probably a good chance you’ve heard of the artist Gnash, but you might not know it yet.

Gnash, an artist who doubles as a soft R&B singer and DJ, recently released an Album/EP titled “us” on March 25.

Gnash has obtained a strong SoundCloud following after collaborating with artist G-Eazy on the song “Think About You,” and “I hate u I love u” featuring Olivia O’Brien.

Gnash brings a different definition to the normal stereotype of a SoundCloud DJ, as few of his songs are remixes or covers, and most of his pieces are chilled-out slower style songs about heartbreak and relationship problems.

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Fans wondered if his second full album, “us,” would continue similar themes to the rest of his pieces on SoundCloud. “us,” is a relatively short seven-track album lasting only 23 minutes.

This album is a classic example of an album encouraged by streaming.

The short track list and brief length of the album most likely would sell poorly in terms of physical album sales, but the terseness of the piece lends itself to be more successful on streaming platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify.

“us” follows the mold similar to most of Gnash’s other projects, as each of the seven tracks includes a feature verse from at least one other artist on the track. Artists such as Wrenn, Goody Grace and Liphemra are all featured on the seven track album. Gnash’s hit song, “I hate u I love u,” which has over 27 million plays on SoundCloud, is included in the album, as well.

The mood present throughout the seven-track album discusses feelings of heartache and loneliness, again, atypical of your normal SoundCloud DJ.

Songs such as “Fragile” and “You Just Can’t Be Replaced” show examples of how Gnash utilizes repetition to his favor. In both tracks, Gnash recycles the title lyric (“Fragile” or “You just can’t be Replaced” respectively) eight or 10 times.

This affect can make some of Gnash’s tracks sound repetitive; however, that element is what makes Gnash’s songs so easy to catch onto and increase replay value of the track.

Another track on the album, “Get Well Soon,” incorporates many classic DJ elements, such as layering different samples on top of each other to create a complex and fluently styles beat.

The feature on this track with the artist Liphemra is used to layer the hook, rather than appointing one specific hook instead.

The overall feel of the album is a unique blend of sad, pessimistic dating struggles over a blend of old Death Cab for Cutie or Postal Service sounding beats.

“us” is your typical rainy day driving away from your ex’s house album, but somehow has great replay due to rhythmic beats and simple respective lyrics. The “us” album comes off as a less-intense “Spooky Black” or “The Stand4rd” sounding project.

Although the album does not necessarily break down any barriers, it certainly shows glimpses of Gnash’s ability to make likable and replayable music.

Gnash does not have any current collaborations announced or planned. But after releasing “us,” look for him to have tracks with other artists hoping to provide a similar feel.

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