Old Gold and Black Gifts

Old Gold and Black Gifts

Sometimes, the hardest people to buy gifts for are the people to whom you’re closest: your family.

   If you’re anything like me, you’re probably beginning to feel the looming pressure of buying gifts for everyone before you actually go home for the holidays. Luckily for all of us, one of the perks of being a college student is that it’s totally acceptable to give Wake Forest-themed gifts to our family and friends back home.

  Here’s a small guide on the perfect Demon Deacon gifts that are reasonably affordable and can be found at the Deacon Shop or the bookstore for everyone on your list.


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    I find that moms are some of the most difficult people to buy for in an already-difficult category. If your mother is anything like mine, she’ll tell you “Oh, I don’t need anything. Give something nice to your father and your siblings, and that’ll be enough for me.” 

   Annoying, right? However, mugs make the perfect gifts for moms because they’re practical. My mom takes her WFU travel mug to work every morning, and she loves having decaf coffee after dinner in the cute black and gold coffee mug I got her last year. Things like mugs are simple but useful, which I know is something my mom always values. Plus, whenever she’s not using it, you’ve got something to put your hot chocolate in.

Other gift ideas for moms include: wine glasses, charm bracelets, ornaments and spirit jerseys.


   Thankfully, my dad is very easygoing so finding gifts for him is usually no big deal. Books are definitely good choices, but they’re things that should be given in conjunction with something else.

   For my dad, I always choose a goofy book that he can keep at his office to entertain himself when he’s not doing paperwork between patients, and the past few years, I’ve paired the books with Wake Forest t-shirts. I know of very few fathers who don’t like t-shirts. The only problem? There are so many to choose from.


Other gift ideas for dads include: hats, watches, mugs and flags.


    Is it just me, or are brothers the other most difficult people to buy for? Maybe it’s just because I have two of them, so double the stress, but even still, it’s hard finding the right thing.

   Much like with my dad, I always buy my brothers books paired with other things. Since both of mine are either in college or about to start college, though, dorm décor is perfect. Sure, neither of them go to Wake Forest, but they can still show a bit of pride for their Demon Deacon sibling.

    That’s why Wake Forest flags and throw blankets are the greatest. My youngest brother has already asked for a super soft WFU blanket for Christmas because he loves stealing mine.

    Brothers, like moms, like practical things, so keep that in mind.

   Other gift ideas for brothers include: sweatshirts, glasses, t-shirts and the occasional WFU stuffed animal.


  While I don’t have any sisters, as a sister myself, I know that I tend to prefer either super cute gifts or items I can use every day.

  With that in mind, I highly recommend one of the adorable stuffed animals the bookstore sells. It doesn’t matter what age your sister is. If it’s a gift from you, she’s probably going to love it.

    On the other hand, I also recommend Tervis Tumblers. I would be absolutely lost without my WF tumblers, and they’ve long been some of my favorite gifts that I’ve ever been given. On a related note, wine glasses are always good for the sister who’s over 21. You basically can’t go wrong with cups, mugs and glasses.

   Other gift ideas for sisters: spirit jerseys, throw blankets, sweatshirts and ornaments.

   Overall, the best gifts for family members tend to be practical and/or cute, but that still leaves a lot of room for creativity. Regardless of what you get for everyone, don’t forget a sweet card and a big hug.

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