Demon Deacon Dictionary

Demon Deacon Dictionary

Wake Forest is known for it’s rigorous academic standards in the classroom, but new students may be unaware that there are many lessons to be learned outside of academic buildings as well. The Old Gold & Black has compiled a brief dictionary for students to review as they settle into campus life.

B-school (bee.skool), n. Shorthand version of “Business School” a.ka. Farrell.  Possibly the nicest academic building on campus, and it’s only mildly exclusive.

Bump (buhmp), n/v. Can be used as both a noun and verb. Refers to either a song that causes especially heightened excitement or a desire to behave in an erratic, enthusiastic manner. E.g. “Just passed organic chemistry, let’s bump.”

Chucks (chuhks), n. Shorthand for the converse tennis shoes worn by all WFU sorority girls to social events. Freshman women should be careful to avoid wearing anything other than neutral colors, as each sorority has its own color of chucks that the members wear.

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Clubway (kluhb.wey), n. One of several other replacements  for the word “Subway.” It is the only restaurant open for 24 hours on campus. It’s traffic tends to peak post-midnight Wednesday through Saturday.

Darty (dahr.tee), n. Day Party.

DKE (deek), n. Not to be confused with the beloved Demon Deacon or Deac. This is a fraternity, not a man dressed in gaudy coattails.

GDI/Geed (jee.dee.ahy/jeed), n. Term used to refer to individuals not affiliated with Greek life.

LR (el.ahr), n. Last Resort, a commonly frequented bar for students over 21, especially on Thursday nights.

Mountain/Beach Weekend (, n. A weekend trip to the mountains in the fall or the beach in the spring that are usually hosted by Greek organizations. These usually involve painted coolers and lots of dino nuggets.

Narp (narp), n. “Non-athletic regular person,” a term used by athletes to refer to the less athetically inclined students.

North Pit (nawrth.pit), n. Located on north campus, seemingly miles from the freshman dorms, the north pit is essentially the regular Pit on steroids. While the cuisine is generally comparable, the ambience is far more sophisticated.

Pit (pit), n. The Pit will be the one constant in your life during freshman year. Friends will come and go, but the pit will always provide predictable food options and a space for socialization and studying.

Pitsgiving (pits.givin), n. the best day of the year where the Pit serves Thanksgiving and the entire school crams into the Pit.

Pit Sit (pit sit), v. When a group of individuals, often acting as a group working in shifts, occupy a section of the pit for the duration of a day to maximize the amount of food they get for their pit swipe. Students will swipe in for breakfast, socialize and complete some easy homework until it’s lunch time again.

Sexiled (seg.zayl.d), adj. To be kicked out of one’s room for one’s roommate to engage in certain acts of experimentation.

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