Graphic by McKenzie Maddox
Graphic by McKenzie Maddox

Exploring opportunities to get involved on campus

Getting involved at Wake Forest has possibly the most profound effect on your experience as a student.

It can help you meet new people, find new activities and spend your free time doing things that push you to grow as an individual. At Wake Forest, there are a wide range of clubs and organizations that you can choose from, plus you always have the option to create a new one. This can be overwhelming at first, but once you find the groups that you enjoy, you’ll find your niche and a great way to escape the stress of homework and classes. This article is not intended to be a full list of all the different ways to get involved; rather, think of it like a springboard into your exploration of the different options you have available to you.

If you love watching sports, Wake Forest has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. The first way doesn’t even require you to sign up. Grab some friends from your hall and go to a football, soccer or field hockey game to cheer on your classmates.  If you want to take your spirit to the next level, consider joining the Screamin’ Deacons, Wake Forest’s very own spirit squad. Another way to channel your passion for sports is to write for the Old Gold & Black Sports section. Reporting on the games you attend is a great way to get something out of what you enjoy doing.

However, if you enjoy playing sports more than sitting in the bleachers, consider joining a club sports teams. Wake Forest has a range of club sports from baseball and soccer to taekwondo and squash. Yet if club teams are still too much of a commitment,  you can join intramural teams. Campus Recreation hosts intramural competitions every season, so make sure to assemble a team of  friends and try to take home the gold.

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Wake Forest is also a great place for volunteering. Project Pumpkin, Hit the Bricks and Wake ‘N Shake are all student-run philanthropy events that occur annually each year on campus. These days almost feel like a celebration as the whole staff, student and faculty bodies come together in the spirit of Pro Humanitate. Another on-campus volunteer opportunity can be found at Campus Kitchen. Campus Kitchen is located in Kitchin Residence Hall and is a student-led group that provides freshly made meals to families in the Winston-Salem community.  In addition to these, there are tons of organizations and groups on campus like Habitat For Humanity, Helping to Overcome Physical Expectations (HOPE) and Best Buddies that are all dedicated to providing volunteer services to the Winston-Salem area. Yet as I mentioned in the beginning, this is by no means a comprehensive list, so explore different options until you find the best fit.

If these options aren’t necessarily your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other options. Wake Forest has a great selection of clubs to join and an excellent way to find the one(s) that interest you is at the Student Involvement Fair. Every fall and spring semester Wake Forest holds a fair where all officially chartered organizations host a table. Explore the tables for Wake Radio, Wake TV, Outdoor Pursuits, Student Union and Student Government. If you prefer fashion, look into joining WFU Style, which is a student-run fashion blog. There’s a photography club, the Lilting Banshees Comedy Troupe and a variety of groups that meet to practice different religions.

The most important thing is you discover where you feel comfortable and find an organization that helps you grow throughout your four years at Mother So Dear. Because even though you have a limited time here, the options are endless.

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