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How to connect with Wake Forest’s online community

If you go on a brief hike around campus, you can hear the Twitter handles tweeting in the magnolias, the Instagram pages blooming with pictures from Reynolda Gardens and the Snapchats chattering back and forth in front of Wait Chapel.

Wake Forest is undoubtedly a social media savvy campus and it’s an understatement to say there are a lot of social media accounts to follow. Wake Forest is pretty well-connected on every platform, so there are tons of accounts to stay up-to-date with so you know what’s going on around campus.These range from sports to humor — LinkedIn too, if you’re into that. Any event or occasion that is somehow tied to Wake Forest is bound to be on multiple platforms, so completely missing out is highly unlikely. So let’s take a tour of the accounts you should follow.

Official University Accounts

If you’ve read this far and don’t follow any official Wake Forest accounts already, I would recommend putting down the paper and hitting those follow, like or add buttons. Official university accounts can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These include Wake Forest Sports (@DemonDeacons), Wake Downtown (@WakeDowntown), Wake Forest Magazine (Instagram: @wakeforestmagazine; Twitter: @wfumagazine) and the undergraduate college (Instagram: @wfunversity; Twitter: @WakeForest). The undergraduate college also has a Snapchat (wfuniversity) managed by a fellow student, which gives quick updates about things you should know about on campus.  These accounts are great ways to stay caught up with big events, Wake Forest-related news and seeing beautiful pictures of the university.

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President Hatch’s Twitter Account

If you’re looking to get your daily fix of Natty O, better known as President Nathan O. Hatch, make sure to follow his Twitter account (@PresidentHatch). His tweets are sure to make you a prouder Wake Forest student every time you read one.

Wake Alert Twitter Account

A serious account that you should follow is  Wake Alert (@WakeAlert) on Twitter. If you choose to follow any of the accounts from this list, make sure it is this one. It will keep you up to date with safety and security concerns on campus. They’ll also be the first to tell you if class is cancelled due to weather conditions. Did someone say an extra couple hours of sleep?

Student Organizations’ Accounts

Following some student-run groups on social media is also an excellent way for you to get involved in the Wake Forest community and potentially find some groups you may be interested in joining. Start with the basics by following Student Government (Instagram: wake_sg; Twitter: @WFUSG), Student Union (Instagram: @wfusu; Twitter: @wfuSU), and the Old Gold & Black and Old Gold & Black Sports accounts (@wfu_ogb and @sports_ogb).   In addition, most student organizations and events have fun accounts that will help inspire your passions, style and humorous side. Wake Forest Photo Club’s Instagram (@wakeforest_photoclub), the Lilting Banshees (@liltingbanshees), WFU Style (@wfustyle), Outdoor Pursuits (Instagram: @wfu_outdoorpursuits; Twitter: @Wake_OP), Project Pumpkin (Instagram: @wfuprojectpumpkin; Twitter: @wfupumpkin) and Wake N’ Shake (Instagram: @wfuwakenshake; Twitter: @wfuWakeNShake) are just a few to get you started. However, ultimately you will have to find the accounts that curtail to your interests.

Wake Forest Food Accounts

There are also some accounts that are student-run but not necessarily official organizations. One of the most helpful — and mouth-watering — accounts to follow on Instagram is Pitstagram (@pitstagram_wfu). Pitstagram is an Instagram account that showcases the endless and creative food possibilities that one can whip together at either the Fresh Food Company — “The Pit” — or at the North Campus Dining Hall, known as the “New Pit”. It combines food and toppings from different stations that you might not originally think about.

If you are into food accounts with a slice of humor, WFU Bananas (@wfubananas) is right up your alley. WFU Bananas is a submission-based Instragram page “ripe” with innuendo and sly humor and bound to give “bunches” of laughs. Catch your friends in the scandalous act of eating a banana and submit it to the Instagram account for a chance to be featured.

In addition, follow Spoon WFU (@spoon_wfu) on Instagram for Wake Forest’s specific Spoon University page. You’ll find photos of food from local restaurants both on campus and in Winston-Salem.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many amazing accounts to follow. Keep your eyes peeled for other awesome accounts that will truly make you feel like a Demon Deacon and fit your personal Wake Forest experience.

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