David Ajamy/Old Gold & Black
David Ajamy/Old Gold & Black

Abandoned Moe’s found on sidewalk

“I don’t know when it started.

or when it began.

rather when I began.

the most recent memory beyond my first act in life, is being poured in some tin bin

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surrounded by my kind.

its dark, the steam is rising around me.

I am drowning within the pool of my people.

suddenly the light hits me

I hear the battle cry, “WELCOME TO MOES”

a silver spoon comes down on me.

I am scooped up and toppled on top of an over cooked white grain of sorts.

the white grain and I are new residents in some sort of raft bowl sort thing is pushed down.

a shredded rainfall comes down on me.

immediately without remorse or warning, a flood of steaming coagulating stew of pure whiteness comes down

green, orange, and red colors swirl around me and keel over my almost lifeless body.

I am losing control of my mind in every fashion

I feel my raft being lifted and moved at unimaginable speeds. where am I going?

what is my fate? for I have no idea what comes

the world is shaking

I cry out for help

yet none of my words are understood in this world

my mind is truly gone, i am blacking out

from sprout to bean, then finally within a shuttle that has no regard to me

when growing, I was loved and treated with respect

what has changed

abruptly the craft of travel I am in seems to fall, as if I was deployed from a plane

the carrier top opens and I begin my descent

from darkness to the light of day

however this light shines bright on the grey surface of my new world

everything in the carrier is thrown out, scattered

the brightness is too much

I can’t see

yet I feel it

the heat

the sun that once allowed me to grow to everywhere

I guess it will allow me to die too

this was the last message from BB#2783

We traced his location

and found this gruesome scene, beware readers

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