How to Have a Proper  “Pitsgiving”

How to Have a Proper “Pitsgiving”

One of the best days of the entire year is almost here: Pitsgiving.

For those of you who do not know what it is, the Pit puts on a big Thanksgiving meal — turkey, gravy, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, etc. Not only are the staples there, but there are copious amount of desserts, like pumpkin pie, chocolate cake and cookies. There are festive beverages as well.

For students returning to Wake Forest, the anticipation and anxiety waiting for Pitsgiving is almost over. Almost every single Wake Forest student (including postgraduate students) storm the Pit to feast on the amazing meal.

The Pit may not be the best year-round, but Pitsgiving does not disappoint, trust me. The Pit pulls out all of the stops, including two main buffet lines for the staples, and other stations serving other options as well. You may think that the Pit is crowded on a typical Tuesday night, but just wait until you see the madness during Pitsgiving.

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Pitsgiving is a Wake Forest tradition that most participate in, but, with these tricks, you should be able to get a spot in the Pit and make the most out of Pitsgiving.

1. Get a group of people and create a spreadsheet

Since you can’t be in the Pit all day due to classes, meetings and bathroom breaks, you need to make a plan of action. Grab a group of friends and create a sign-up sheet of shifts in order to keep control of the table all day. As long as a few of you are there, you all can rotate in and out while maintaining control of the scarce number of seats on the most crowded day of the year. Often times clubs and other organizations will establish a system to ensure having a table.

2. Bring decorations

You’ll see groups of people show up with table cloths (to mark their territory), and other fall decorations to make the Pit seem even more homey and festive. Feel free to do the same — create as festive of an environment as you want. Sometimes, people will even put up a video of a fireplace on their computers to add to the cozy environment. Pitsgiving really is a transformative day for the Pit. There is better food, more people and more decorations.

3. Bring homework

While you wait for your friends to come in from class, utilize the “dead” time and get some work done over a cup of hot cider. Since Pitsgiving is that good, you might be sitting in the Pit all day. So don’t be afraid to do some homework in between courses — after all, eating Thanksgiving food and studying sounds like a pretty great combination. This is one of those times where it is acceptable to go back for rounds and rounds of courses. Plus several desserts.

4. Be courteous of others

While it is a “competition” to get a table and keep ahold of it for as long as possible, Pitsgiving is not a day to be rude. If someone asks for a chair, don’t be rude and say no. Remember that we are all Deacs and  this is a day to be thankful and giving. So don’t ruin their fun for the sake of your own. You could even invite some stragglers who can’t find seat to join you and your friends for a little — the more people to be thankful the merrier, right?

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