Larger Lessons Learned at a Concert

The other week I did something out of my comfort zone; I decided to go to a concert alone. I tried to convince friends to go, but no one was feeling it (probably because it was on a Wednesday night) and wasn’t being convinced by my unexceptional pitch.

So, after class I went back to my apartment and prepared physically (to look fresh) and mentally (to feel fresh) for the concert. Since I had seen Toro y Moi before, I felt more at-ease about this solo venture, but as I rode the metro the nerves did set in. I was about to go to a new district of D.C. at 11 p.m. It was something that, while somewhat scary in the moment, was really important for me.

Maybe I was nervous because I am from Winston-Salem, a substantially smaller city than D.C., or maybe it’s this odd group mentality that I feel like Wake Forest fosters. Either way I gained something from that endeavor. The feelings before and during the concert were something being from different worlds. I can’t even begin to explain the joy and excitement I felt during that show and how nice it was to be alone there. How nice it was to be on my own and just do me, being nomadic as I walked around the club and just danced knowing that no one I know will have to see my (on a good day) subpar dancing schools.

But I also felt free, and I felt like an adult. As cliché as that is, I feel like a kid while at Wake Forest. But now, being in a big city and being considerably more on my own, I feel a sort of independence that I don’t feel at Wake Forest. But what I saw as a bigger take away, was not just feeling like an adult but being on my own for a moment and still having the time of my life. Obviously, it helps that I was at an awesome show, but it was refreshing to be just by myself and doing me and being in the moment. As nice as it is to have a friend with you to talk to or for comfort, I didn’t realize how refreshing it was going to be just to be with me as I danced and listened to the music.

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By taking a chance, I not only learned about myself but I saw what I had been missing. Since the concert, I have tried to continue my independent ventures and be more aware of what’s around me and taking in the world. While alone, I have felt much more connected to the world around me and it’s been really special.

With this, I recommend to everyone to explore in general but especially alone (if it’s safe that is). Always make sure someone knows where you are and such and be safe, but also be adventurous and see what happens. Walk down a street and just look around and see what comes to you. Look around and feel the world around you and be the most authentic and bold “you” there is. Take some chances and see where the world takes you. But most importantly, go see Toro y Moi because wow that was a great show.

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