Last Resort Deserves More Attention Than It Gets

Last Resort Deserves More Attention Than It Gets

For some, Last Resort (LR) is a premier institution for fun on a Thursday night. For some, it’s truly their last resort. For me though, it’s the homeland I have wished for since my birth almost 22 years ago. It’s a place of refuge, a place of adventure and a place to dance until they force you to sadly leave. The one thing that keeps me going every week is Last Resort, knowing in the coming days my sanctuary will open its arms to a “thirsty” college crowd.

I am not alone in my passion for LR, but sadly I am one of the few who loves LR with all of their heart. Our campus is full of naysayers who trash LR at every turn.

How dare they you may ask? It’s key to understand that we all have different experiences at LR, some of which aren’t fun for some. For that, I respect those feelings. Nonetheless, I can’t respect those who try to tear down LR’s reputation and smear their image. What other institution in Winston-Salem supports the Thirsty Thursday crave we seem to possess?

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What other facility in Winston-Salem gives us the nostalgic feeling of Capri-Suns spiked with some slurpy unknown liquor content? LR knows that I am not made out of money so they, out of the kindness of their hearts, text me with promotions. Every Thursday, my man Kyle sends me a text of not just the DJs but telling me to swing by and get a free drink token. What other business does that on the one and only Thirsty Thursday? The answer is no other. 

And you might say, “But David, LR isn’t a real club. Let’s go downtown instead!” To that, I scoff. Have you seen the dance scene downtown? Yeah, there isn’t one. So not only is LR the only thing we got, but it’s bumpin’. All I know is, I love shaking my tail after a long day of Moe’s Southwest Grill and zip zooping on my bike around campus. And while there may be some second-class rinky dink downtown club, why would I go there when my first resort, Last Resort, stands a couple blocks from campus.

I want to end with this: for me Last Resort has not only been a staple of my Wake Forest career but also of my dance career. I found myself in a dance class this semester that requires us to practice often. This is where Last Resort is not just a place of fun, but a place of education. Nonetheless, it is a club and it’s a club I love. While I am saddened by their increased costs for  those under 21, I understand and hope the business is thriving. And since the cost is higher, it makes that feeling of going when you’re 21 just so much better since it’s “free ninety-nine.”

So, if you find yourself wanting a place to move your body and meet some new friends, slide on down to Last Resort. And for the school administrators, I ask this. Please let Last Resort stay; please support them and support the shuttle. I know with all that is happening, Last Resort is last on all of y’all’s lists but remember for me and many others, it’s my first resort.

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