President: Walter Jackson

President: Walter Jackson

Editor’s note: The above summaries were submitted by the candidates themselves, but may have been edited for length, clarity and AP Style.

What Walter Jackson, currently serving as as a co-chair of a standing committee of the Student Government Senate, wants to do is very simple, and it revolves around three main ideas: unity, savings, and reforming the Student Government to better serve you, the student body.

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Jackson would like to see more togetherness on campus. That is why unity is a major part of his platform. He believes we can bring about unity by encouraging the co-hosting of philanthropic events by both students in Greek life and students not in Greek life. He also believes we need some more spirit and pomp and circumstance on campus. That is why we must continue our old traditions while also creating new ones. More money in the pockets of students is also very important to Jackson. He promises to work on behalf of students to try to persuade local restaurants to provide discounts to Wake Forest students who present their DeaconOne cards.

Last but not least, Jackson believes reforming the Student Government is so crucial. Student Government does a lot of good work. However, at times they, to put it bluntly, can waste time. Jackson says some of their resolutions, at best, produce nothing, and, at worst, cause confusion and grief. Therefore, they need to stop producing powerless resolutions and redirect the energies of the Student Government toward productive endeavors, which in turn benefits the student body. Also, as President, Jackson will not overstep my position as an executive officer by allowing the Senate to pursue its agenda. There is tremendous talent in the Senate and Jackson does not want to stifle the voices and ideas of Senators who are speaking on behalf of their constituents.

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