Anne Scott Livingston: German

Anne Scott Livingston: German

While she didn’t want to speak any with me, Anne Scott Livingston’s love and knowledge for the German language and culture is supreme. Livingston, a Tampa native, is graduating as a German and Mathematical Business double major who found her way into the German language when she knew she wanted to study in Vienna.  

However, she never studied the German language before, only having studied Latin in high school. But she jumped right into German 113 then 153, and off to Austria she went. It was in her 113 class she began to see how much she loved the language. 

“I came back (to campus) and didn’t want to stop learning it even when I finished the language requirements,” she said. “I decided to go through with the major and I’ve loved it.”

Studying the language has broadened her perspective of life and gave her something unique. While most students study either Spanish or French, Livingston wanted to do something different.

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“German felt unique — when I got into German culture it was just so interesting,” said Livingston. “I feel like people don’t know as much about German culture as other cultures, and I like the idea of going really deep in something so unique and such a high degree of cultural depth.” 

Her study of the language has brought her not just knowledge but opportunities. The summer before her senior year, Livingston worked in Germany and was able to apply everything she has learned in the classroom.

Livingston has the honor of being the sole senior to receive the James C. O’Flaherty Award for Excellence in German and German Studies. Given this, Livingston has showcased herself within the department for exceptional dedication and achievement within the department. 

While she is sad to be leaving, Livingston knows the foundation that she has built while at Wake Forest is preparing her for the future. 

Next year, Livingston is attending Tufts University to study Nutrition and Food Policy. 

She plans to use her time with Campus Kitchen around nutrition, understanding of research from Mathematical Business and global understanding from studying German to set up a international career around nutrition. 

With graduation on the horizon, Livingston wants to thank all her professors for the relationships they built and support. Moreover, she thanks Dr. Phillips for being so influential in helping her find her right path. 

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