Official “Old Gold & Black” Bucket List

Pull an all-nighter in ZSR. You don’t really understand the meaning of “Work Forest” until you see the sun rising up from behind your laptop. Grab some friends, a couple of blankets, some snacks and you’ll be good to go.

Stay for an entire football game. This may feel like an impossible feat, especially when the sun is beating down on the student section, but you’ll be happy you did. You don’t want to miss that game-winning moment by leaving early! 

Pit sit. Really take advantage of your meal swipe and stay in the Pit from opening until closing. You’ll get three meals for the price of one!

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Roll the quad. This is a rite of passage for all Wake Forest students after the Deacs win big. There’s nothing quite like throwing on a pair of random shoes, grabbing a roll of toilet paper and sprinting out the door to join the mob of students chanting on the quad.

Meet President Hatch. Natty O. is essentially a celebrity on campus, but he’s always happy to talk with students. Pro tip: he’s a huge basketball fan and loves to read, if you need talking points.

Late night run to Cook Out. Milkshakes from Cook Out will single-handedly get you through the next four years. Whether you need a study break or some late-night grub, North Carolina’s finest fast food never fails. Plus, it’s insanely cheap.

Go inside the Wait Chapel bell tower. This is usually something you can check off the bucket list during senior year. The top of the tower is the highest point on campus, where you can see the skyline of downtown in the distance. Make sure to sign your name on the wall! 

See the Lilting Banshees perform. This comedy troupe is made up of the funniest people on campus. They perform live sketches SNL-style, in which they poke fun at different aspects of campus life. They only put on limited shows each semester, so make sure to get your tickets early before they sell out.

Take a picture with the Demon Deacon. Or better yet, get one with the entire Deacon family at Family Weekend. You’ll definitely see the Deacon around, but only a lucky few spot him with his parents.

Go to a professor’s house for dinner. You may get to do this as early as your first week with your freshman adviser. This is a great way to get to know professors on a personal level.

Befriend Maria in the Magnolia Room. She is the sweetest person on Wake Forest’s campus and always greets every student with a smile or even a hug. Also, just go to the Magnolia Room. For just one Pit swipe, you can eat better food at a nicely set table with real dishes and silverware. It’s the most underrated, best deal on campus, and as you can see, maximizing your Pit swipes is essential.

Go to Lovefeast. If you haven’t already noticed, Wake Forest is steeped in tradition. Even if you’re not religious, Lovefeast is a unique religious service. It brings the entire community together just in time for the winter holidays.

Explore downtown Winston-Salem. It can be easy to get caught up with what’s happening on campus, but don’t forget there’s an entire city at your disposal. Winston-Salem is growing every day, with new restaurants and shops constantly opening.

Learn your way through Tribble. And then teach me. The layout of this building is something you have to experience for yourself to fully understand its confusion. Tribble was constructed during the Cold War era, supposedly to shield people from a nuclear attack.

Take the tunnel tour. An intricate underground tunnel system spans the entirety of campus. Occasionally, students can tour the tunnels and navigate the campus underground.

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