Graphic by Micah Porter/Old Gold & Black
Graphic by Micah Porter/Old Gold & Black
Micah Porter

Burrito Boys: Moe’s Menu, Quality Disappoint

Quint Shorr contributed to the reporting in this article.

In its first critique on the road to finding the best burritos in Winston-Salem, the Burrito Boys try out the university’s very own Moe’s Southwest Grill. To obtain a fair, holistic review of each restaurant, we will be grading on the following: price, quality, freshness and customer experience. Comprised of Micah Porter and a guest critic (Quint Schorr), the Burrito Boys are beginning a journey to shed light on the secrets of a quality burrito.

Price – Micah: 7.1, Quint: 7.6

Perhaps the greatest benefit of choosing this on campus option is its accessibility, since customers need nothing more than their Deacon OneCard to fill their stomachs. However guests without a meal plan are forced to spend upwards of $8 for a burrito, forcing consumers to wonder whether the sticker price is worth the beans and rice. Customers are also invited to purchase chips and a drink, both of which come complimentary through the use of an Old Gold with the Deacon OneCard.

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Quality – Micah: 6.4, Quint: 5.2

We both ordered “Jr. Homewrecker” burritos, eager to experience the robust Moe’s specialty burrito. The only wrecking that took place, however, was that done to our digestive tracts, as we soon discovered the dark side of the southwest grill. The “Homewrecker” is served best with vegetables and light condiments to balance the flavor of the meat and add texture to the bed of rice. As we continued to eat, we quickly discovered what might be Moe’s most redeeming quality: its assortment of salsas. The chips at Moe’s were crisp, flavorful and appetizing. The flavors of the salsa worked beautifully with the salty taste of the chip, and to our surprise, tied the meal together by incorporating flavors that were lacking in the burrito.

Freshness – Micah: 5.8, Quint: 6

Despite Moe’s claims to being an advocate for fresh ingredients and vegetarian options, we found the lettuce and mixed pico de gallo to be every color but green. Upon the first bite, my entire burrito fell apart like a dysfunctional boy band, leaving dollops of sour cream and what I believe to be lettuce in its wake. Whether fresh or frozen, the meat offered a delectable flavor that struggled to overpower the taste of “Tex-Mex” that seemed to be omnipresent. Ultimately, you had better hope for something in your minifridge, because the likelihood of you joining the clean plate club is as good as the Office of Residence Life and Housing addressing housing concerns.

Customer Experience – Micah: 8.5, Quint: 8.2

The employees that work behind the table are friendly and work with expediency. We particularly enjoyed how the employees recommended toppings that would go well with our orders. Unfortunately,

the welcoming environment was the only upside to our dining experience.

All in all, Moe’s is an easy, accessible excuse for an authentic burrito. However, they do know how to market to different crowds. They offer V for vegan, GF for gluten-free, and DF for dairy-free. They only forgot the TF for taste-free.

Overall: 6.5

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