Graphic courtesy of Micah Porter
Graphic courtesy of Micah Porter

Burrito Boys: Mi Pueblo Ahead In The Ranking

Back again with the newest take on the Mi Pueblo burrito, Burrito Boys are now ready to present the official top three burritos in Winston-Salem. Native to the city, Mi Pueblo has been serving up top notch mexican grill in their eight locations for decades – ever since its founders, Jesus and Maria Ruiz immigrated to the region from Mexico. In 1989, the ambitious couple decided to take a chance on their family’s recipes, and launch a restaurant that would bring the flavors of Mexico to the Winston-Salem community.

Price – 7.6

The first word that comes to mind upon entering Mi Pueblo is “colorful.” Traditional papel picado line the walls of the restaurant, painting the extent of the restaurant in a lively shade of rainbow. Being a traditional sit-down grill, it’s important to factor in the impending tip that the employees work so diligently to deserve. It’s also important to remember that good things come at a price, and a Mi Pueblo burrito is about as good as it gets. A typical dinner consisting of an entree and small side will run $12.99 – $15.99. I ordered the $10.99 dinner California Burrito with chicken, but the lunch version would have only run me $2 more. This signature burrito is served hot with beans and rice wrapped in a 12” flour tortilla. And let me tell you, it was worth every bite.

Quality – 9.0

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The first bite of the California Burrito tasted like heaven in my mouth. The tortilla was soft, not too rigid, and it encapsulated the warm beans and rice with a firmness that is seldom found in the burrito industry. To my surprise, the burrito didn’t fall apart once. Mi Pueblo recognizes that a good meal requires simple ingredients and advanced technique. The burrito was drizzled with a handmade salsa and fresh cilantro, adding a well-received break in texture that completed the burrito. For those looking to break out of the burrito genre, Mi Pueblo offers excellent fajita, quesadilla and fish taco options. 

Freshness – 8.9

Mi Pueblo has somehow managed to perfect the art of soft shell tortilla folding, while still adding an element of crunch. The burrito warmed my hands as I ate it, as though it had  just popped off the grill. Between the ingredients and the preparation, the California Burrito was the exact meal I was looking for after a long day of classes.

Customer Experience – 7.7

With an easy to read menu and helpful wait staff, it’s no challenge ordering exactly what you want; the problem with Mi Pueblo is entirely due to their wait times. Long wait times can mean one of two things: 1) you’ve offended the wait staff and now they are meticulously getting their revenge through means of sullying your meal 2) the cooks are

pouring their heart and souls into your meal. Either way, Mi Pueblo’s food passes the test.

Overall: 8.3

Current Standings

#1 Mi Pueblo: 8.3

#2 Chipotle: 8.2

#3 Moe’s: 6.2

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