Graphic courtesy of Micah Porter
Graphic courtesy of Micah Porter

Burrito Boys: Tequila Delivers On Taste And Value

Thomas Cutting contributed to the writing of this article.

Here with another review of the best burritos in Winston-Salem, the Burrito Boys test local dine-in restaurant, Tequila Mexican Grill. Contrary to the refined atmosphere of Mi Pueblo (issue 3), Tequila Grill offers a simple, yet impressive take on Mexican cuisine. Additionally, Tequila Grill promises consistent service and dining as it is the only restaurant in the franchise. Similar to Mi Pueblo, Tequila provides a setting comparable to a traditional Mexican cantina, with all the amenities you would find at any local diner— including a range of beverages and sides to choose from. Like our waitress said to us, “Come hungry, you won’t leave that way.” 

Price – Micah: 9, Thomas: 10

It goes without saying, Tequila Grill gives you the most bang for your buck; especially on Taco Tuesday. Walk in with an appetite, because the friendly waiting staff is ready to fill you with $1 tacos, and the choice of pork, chicken or steak as protein to choose from. Aside from the meal, Tequila generously maintains a stocked basket of complimentary chips and salsa at every table, even going as far as to provide salsa options. On a non-Taco Tuesday, the menu remains inexpensive, with any item on the lunch menu costing less than $10, and any item on the dinner menu settling under $13. 

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Quality – Micah: 7.6, Thomas: 7.1

Tequila Grill ensures that customers are taken care of in a timely manner and endeavor to serve their clientele piping hot meals in under 10 minutes. I ordered two carne asada tacos for a total price of $2 while Cutting decided to go for the $13 Fajita combo, which appeared on a sizzling hot cast iron pan, with a beans and rice side. 

“The menu is pretty diverse and they have a wide variety of spice and taste on offer, there’s something for everyone to eat,” Cutting said.

Although my tacos arrived unaccompanied by any sides, the flavor of carne asada and Mexican seasoning was enough to transport me to flavor town. 

Freshness – Micah: 7.7, Thomas: 8

The entire meal, from the chips to the tacos, tasted crisp, clear and colorful. As is often the case with Mexican restaurants, Tequila Grill attempts to create food that displays a variety of crisp produce to contrast against the piquant meat. Obtaining that balance is no easy task, but Tequila but is able to execute their flavors to a T. I was able to taste every ingredient that went into the construction of my dinner, notwithstanding there only being rice, beans, meat and garnish. 

Customer Experience – Micah: 7.8, Thomas: 9

Fast wait times, friendly staff and a cheap but delectable meal are all reasons why Tequila Grill Taco Tuesday ought to become a weekly event for university students. 

“The space is small but comfortable and the servers are always pleasant and helpful,” Cutting said. 

Not only are the servers amiable, they are more than willing to let students know about weekly specials and offers, to ensure customers are getting exactly what they want. Needless to say, Tequila Grill has already sold me; they had me at $1 tacos. 

Overall: 8.2

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