New Organization Prioritizes Quitting

New Organization Prioritizes Quitting

We have all been advised, from an early age, to try our hardest, no matter what the obstacle. Parents and teachers instruct students to dream big and pursue goals that will make a positive impact on society. However, a new organization out of Washington claims to support one value: quitting. 

An organization called The Quitters Club has been operating with the direction of seven individuals, all of whom share the common belief­­­ ­— pursuing one’s ambitions merely deter one from focusing on what truly matters in the moment. Of the seven members, one is eager about giving up her life-long dream of becoming an actress. Another individual is adamant about abandoning the dream of becoming a writer, and one member has even gone so far as to quit the state of Washington.

The group’s ringleader, Justin Cannon, is no stranger to giving up. A college dropout, Cannon boasts having quit on an array of interests including: filmmaking, music and graphic design. 

“The thing that we’re all having the most issue with is taking action. Quitting is an action. You have to make an emotional, committed action one way or another,” said Cannon in a club meeting.

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Having grown up in the political arena, as both his parents were involved in bureaucratic work, Cannon was influenced to live a structured, formulaic life. He recalled visiting his parents’ offices and noticing that the clocks were not set to display the current time, but rather the amount of time left until the employee’s retirement. This, as Cannon would recall, “was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

After dropping out of NYU and moving to California to pursue a dream of filmmaking, Cannon found that changing up his career options was really the best way for him to stay on his feet. Having never been one to stick to one job for too long, Cannon formed his group The Quitters Club to inspire others to give up on their jobs in favor of a fresh start. The group of over 35 members consists of people from all walks of life who are considering giving up on a significant aspect of life. 

Cannon explains to his members that he doesn’t truly believe that quitting is the right solution, but rather offers an escape for individuals who are pursuing a goal for the wrong reasons. 

Whether it is to live up to someone else’s expectations or to simply feel accomplished, Cannon argues that the motivations behind why we pursue goals is often not rooted in passion, leaving many of us feeling inadequate as a result. Cannon calls on his members to act based purely off of personal desire. He claims that if someone’s day job has lost its appeal or an interest someone once had has stopped impressing, then quitting is the best way out.

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