Minnesota United defender Michael Boxall ran around Bde Maka Ska last month to stay in shape without team workouts.
Minnesota United defender Michael Boxall ran around Bde Maka Ska last month to stay in shape without team workouts.
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Quarantine Workouts To Help Improve Your Mind And Body

With the world turned practically upside-down, it can be hard to feel like we have control over anything these days. Despite continued uncertainty, one thing we can control is the way we treat ourselves while we stay at home. People everywhere have turned to at-home fitness to kill time, relieve stress and improve their health amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you have always exercised regularly or are just starting out, finding ways to move your body while in quarantine can have massive benefits for your mental and physical health. Here are some safe options to try out while at home:


For those able to maintain the required 6 feet of social distance while exercising outdoors, running is a great option to stay fit and sane during the COVID-19 pandemic. Solitary outdoor exercise has been highly encouraged by doctors and health experts to help relieve stress. All you need is a pair of shoes and a trail or road in which you can avoid close contact with others. With most other exercise options inaccessible right now, there is no better time than the present to lace up your running shoes and get outside. You won’t regret it!


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Just like running, biking is a great way to avoid cabin fever and get outside for some cardio. If you can maintain social distancing guidelines, riding a bike is a great way to explore your area during a time of minimal traffic. 


During this tumultuous time, prioritizing mental health is arguably more important than anything else. A great way to get a bit of exercise while also relieving stress and improving relaxation is incorporating yoga into your quarantine routine. While starting yoga can seem a bit intimidating, the internet is filled with a variety of routines for all skill levels. Here are some videos to help you get started:

Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners (20 min)

Strength Yoga for Sweat and Stamina (30 min)

Yoga for Stress Relief (30 min)

HIIT Workouts

With studios and gyms around the country being closed, many people are missing the boost they get from working out in an exercise class. While the environment cannot exactly be replicated, there are plenty of online workout instructors providing workouts that closely resemble the in-class experience. High intensity interval training, or HITT, has grown increasingly popular — serving as an excellent alternative to the high-energy burn you get while taking a workout class. Check some out here:

Full Body Fat Burn HIIT Workout (15 min)

No Equipment Cardio HIIT Workout (30 min)

HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout (45 min)

WFU Campus Rec Resources

The WFU Campus Recreation staff has been hard at work these past few weeks, despite the closing of on-campus facilities. Many of the classes you would find in the gym every week have converted to Zoom and Facebook Live. Find the virtual schedule here

Les Mills on Demand

In addition to the live options offered by WFU instructors, Les Mills, the company that creates and sponsors a portion of the Wellbeing Center’s classes has opened up their on demand program to Wake Forest students. Follow this link to log in with your university ID to find hundreds of different workouts with a variety of levels and categories. 

Everybody has a different preference when it comes to how to exercise. During a time like this, the best thing you can do for yourself is find an activity that helps you find peace of mind amid the challenges surrounding you. Stay safe and happy exercising!

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