To Rush or Not to Rush: Pro-Greek Life

To Rush or Not to Rush: Pro-Greek Life

Formal recruitment for Greek organizations occurs at the beginning of the spring semester each year, so you have plenty of time to acclimate to campus life, weigh the pros and cons of rushing or not rushing and ask upperclassmen for insight into recruitment and Greek life. 

As someone who ultimately decided to rush a Panhellenic sorority in the spring of my freshman year, I strongly encourage you to consider the benefits of rushing a Greek organization.

Rushing can enhance your social network. You will have the opportunity to bond with people in your grade and the grades above during the recruitment process, regardless of whether you end up in the same fraternity or sorority as your first-semester friends or someone you “clicked” with during a recruitment conversation. 

In a Greek organization, you can meet new people in your pledge class, as well as upperclassmen who can give you valuable advice on academics and social life, introduce you to new clubs or intramurals on campus and attend events on campus with you. You can also grow closer to members of other Greek organizations during philanthropic fundraisers or social events held jointly by multiple sororities or fraternities. Through this larger Greek network or your more specific Greek lineage of “bigs” and “littles,” you can find a sense of belonging on campus, form authentic and lifelong friendships and create memories to treasure forever.

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These friends may also become your roommates, because you have a wider variety of options for housing on campus through Greek life. From Davis Residence Hall to North Campus Apartments, Greek organizations have housing blocks where members can live with their “brothers” and “sisters.” You are much more likely to secure an ideal rooming spot with your friends by applying to live in your Greek organization’s housing block. These locations are also usually located above a lounge that active members can use as a space for studying, socializing or holding sorority or fraternity events. 

With your new Greek friends, you will also find more ways to become involved and serve the community around you. Sorority and fraternity members actively exhibit the Pro Humanitate spirit, as they regularly organize many different events on campus to support and to fundraise money for local and national philanthropies. Greek organizations also regularly form teams to participate in campus traditions like Hit the Bricks or Wake N’ Shake, which fundraise money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund.  

Finally, the benefits of Greek life extend beyond your college experience. Each organization offers opportunities to gain leadership and internship experience to increase your career readiness. You can apply or run for different positions, including head of recruitment, philanthropy chair or President, in your respective sorority or fraternity. In these roles, you can sharpen your event planning, communication and leadership skills, all of which can boost your resume. You can also network with current members and alumni of your Greek organization to get tips on interviewing for internships or jobs, as well as advice on the internship or job search process. 

These opportunities and many more will be available if you decide to join a Greek organization. However, please know that you will still be able to make friends in the small, close-knit Wake Forest community regardless of whether you decide to rush or not to rush.

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