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Faculty question paid leave policy

Rachel Woolf/Baltimore Sun/MCT
November 12, 2015

When Angela Mazaris came back to her job as the director of the LGBTQ Center 11 weeks after having twins, it was difficult for her to even have a conversation with someone without bursting into tears. “I...

Students for Liberation editorial was inaccurate

Students for Liberation editorial was inaccurate
November 12, 2015

Students for Liberation recently published an editorial on the online publication The Pub explaining the issues they had with the Old Gold & Black’s coverage of their Columbus Day protest. I would...

Construction backs up parking on South Campus

Natalie Wilson/Old Gold & Black
November 5, 2015

Since the start of the semester, the construction of new residence hall in South Campus has blocked Jasper Memory Lane, cutting off all traffic through to Wingate Road. The new dorm will house freshmen...

University tenure rates declining

Rachel Wallen/Old Gold & Black
October 29, 2015

Wake Forest was a different place when Allan Louden began teaching in 1977. Louden, the chair of the communication department at the university, described a Wake Forest full of very young faculty, with...

Gun debate reaches college campuses

Graphic courtesy of Armed Campuses
October 22, 2015

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot signed a bill allowing students with a permit to carry concealed weapons onto public university campuses. In response, last week, students at the University of Texas at Austin organized...

The best places to study on campus

Chris Caswell/Old Gold & Black
August 22, 2015

Welcome to Work Forest, freshmen. Amidst all the new friends, social events and extracirriculars, you will often find yourself needing a place to focus on your classes for an hour … or 10. Luckily,...

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