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Letter from the Editor: Welcome to Wake Forest

Letter from the Editor: Welcome to Wake Forest

Julia Haines August 27, 2018

Dear Class of 2022, Hats off to you for choosing a phenomenal place to spend the next four years of your life, congratulations! The decision to attend Wake Forest University was a big one I’m sure, but...

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College Life Can Create Mental Stress

Amanda Wilcox August 24, 2018

“The best four years of your life.” I can’t count how many times I heard this well-meaning sentiment before I started my first semester of college two years ago. My high school teachers and counselors...

How To Adjust To Life With A Roommate

How To Adjust To Life With A Roommate

David Ajamy August 24, 2018

In many college films, it is portrayed that you either become best friends forever with your roommate, or mortal enemies. And I won’t say that either is impossible, but from my experience, there is a...

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The Down-Low On Decorating Your Dorm

Emily Beauchamp August 24, 2018

For those of you who have gone on Pinterest or a similar blog site to look at tips, these sites often lead to unrealistic expectations of decorating a dorm room, especially when it comes to the older dorms...

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“Work Forest” Is A Reality But Also Manageable

Becky Swig August 24, 2018

Work Forest.” A daunting reputation for a school to have, right? But don’t worry, it may be true, but that doesn’t mean that Wake Forest academics are unbearable. There are ways to manage “Work...

Studying Abroad Is A Valuable And Important Experience

Studying Abroad Is A Valuable And Important Experience

Ren Schmitt August 24, 2018

Though you have just arrived on campus, I am sure you and the rest of the freshman class have already become well aware of the fact that study abroad opportunities are one of Wake Forest’s selling points....

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Where To Go In Winston-Salem

Olivia Field August 24, 2018

Life on campus can often be hard to break out of, especially at the beginning of freshman year. With this ranked guide, however, it will be easy to escape the Wake Forest bubble for food, fun and more. Breakfast...

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It Is Important To Build Relationships With Professors

Becky Swig August 24, 2018

Going to college is scary, and Wake Forest is no exception. Being a new student, not knowing how to handle the overwhelming course load and making new friends is daunting — we’ve all been in your shoes. One...

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Your Major Does Not Dictate Your Future

Will May August 24, 2018

“So, what are you majoring in?” Whether you are just starting or about to end your college career, you’ve probably heard this question before. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably...

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Staying Healthy On Campus Can Be Surprisingly Simple

Olivia Field August 24, 2018

There are many warnings that come along with entering your first year of college. You hear horror stories of friends forgetting to read through their syllabi in full, read about unlucky roommate situations...

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How To Make The Most Of Your Dining Hall Meals

Lillian Johnson August 24, 2018

One thing you can’t prepare for in college is the dining hall food. After the excitement wears off, you’ll realize that the dining hall rotates its options regularly and you can quickly become bored....

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