"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Old Gold & Black

'Covers the campus like the magnolias'
"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Old Gold & Black

"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Old Gold & Black

A 1.35-mile-long stretch of Polo Road between its intersections with University Parkway and Ransom Road — which runs along Wake Forest’s campus — will see upgrades to pedestrian safety, including the addition of pedestrian and vehicle signals and the construction of a new sidewalk.

Winston-Salem City Council approves Polo Road improvement project

Jessica Barry, Contributing Writer April 8, 2024

The Winston-Salem City Council passed a resolution on Monday, April 1 awarding an over 3 million dollar contract to improve pedestrian infrastructure along Polo Road.    A 1.35-mile-long stretch...

Stein is set to face off against Republican Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, whose inflammatory rhetoric has made the race one of the most closely watched going into the fall. (Courtesy of Josh Stein for North Carolina)

Josh Stein pitches his vision for North Carolina

James Watson, Arts & Culture Editor April 2, 2024

On Friday, March 22, the Old Gold & Black alongside several other student publications, were invited to sit down virtually with North Carolina Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh...

A sign posted outside Salem Chapel voting site reads Polling Place on Tuesday, March 5 — the day of the North Carolina primary elections. Wake Forest students registered with a South Campus address voted here.

2024 N.C. Primary results: Stein and Robinson set to face-off in November for high-profile Governor’s race, major upset in Winston-Salem city council

Maddie Stopyra and James Watson March 7, 2024

Editor’s Note: The following primary election results are accurate as of March 6, according to the North Carolina Board of Elections. Alongside 14 other states and one territory, the North Carolina...

North Carolinas primaries will be held on March 5, with early voting extending through March 2. (Courtesy of Sora Shimazaki, Creative Commons)

A student’s guide to voting in the North Carolina primary election

Maddie Stopyra and Eve Darke February 29, 2024

According to Wake Forest Assistant Director for Advocacy and Social Justice Deb Marke, primary elections are “underrated,” and they present opportunities for voters to compare their beliefs with those...

While we’re no Schoolhouse Rock, hopefully you have all the tools you need to head triumphantly to the ballot box this coming Tuesday, March 5. (Courtesy of MoCo360)

Candidate Roundup: a guide to 2024 municipal primary elections

James Watson, Arts & Culture Editor February 27, 2024

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the state executive offices of North Carolina through our previous guide, it’s time to move on to voting 201: municipal elections.  The task of understanding...

On Feb. 19, Winston-Salem protestors held signs during the city council meeting including phrases such as “stop bombing kids”and “Your tax $$$ are dropping bombs on babies.”

Activists demand Winston-Salem city council call for ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war, as renewed international pressure mounts

James Watson, Arts & Culture Editor February 22, 2024

At Monday night’s bi-monthly City Council meeting, approximately a dozen protesters erupted after the public comment period, chanting “cease-fire now” as council members filed into a scheduled closed...

While we’re no Schoolhouse Rock, hopefully you have all the tools you need to head triumphantly to the ballot box this coming Tuesday, March 5. (Courtesy of MoCo360)

Candidate Roundup: A voter’s guide to the 2024 North Carolina state-wide primaries

Maddie Stopyra, Editor-In-Chief February 22, 2024

As the North Carolina primary election on March 5 quickly approaches, understanding the 10 state-wide offices and 63 candidates may feel daunting. The Old Gold & Black is here to provide a short-ish...

First National Bank maintained policies that incentivized discouraging loans to majority-Black communities, the DOJ said. (Courtesy of the Winston-Salem Foundation)

Investigation reveals First National Bank redlined Winston-Salem and Charlotte

James Watson, Arts & Culture Editor February 8, 2024

On Monday, Feb. 5, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced that First National Bank had engaged in redlining against Black and Latino residents of Winston-Salem and Charlotte following a larger...

The Old Gold & Black sat down with Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina to discuss his goals as his term comes to a close. (Courtesy of the official website of the State of North Carolina)

Q&A: Gov. Cooper discusses his priorities for 2024 and political participation on college campuses

Maddie Stopyra, Editor-in-Chief February 6, 2024

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.   Old Gold & Black: My first question for you is, as you begin your last year as governor, what would you say are your priorities? Gov....

The Pierce lawsuit specifically challenged districts drawn in the states Black Belt region. (Courtesy of NCLEG.org)

Ahead of North Carolina primary elections, federal judge upholds embattled senate district maps

James Watson, Arts & Culture Editor January 29, 2024

On Friday, Jan. 26th, Judge James Dever III upheld North Carolina’s new state Senate district maps after a lawsuit filed last November alleged they were racially gerrymandered.  The suit, brought...

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