Recreational facilities are important to Wake Forest

Recreational facilities are important to Wake Forest

Universities across the nation have been upgrading their recreation facilities, promoting a healthier atmosphere for their students on campus and making their schools more attractive to incoming students.

Compared to Reynold’s gymnasium, which was built in 1956 and the Miller Center, which was built in 2001, over the past couple years Wake Forest has been behind this trend.

But after the expansion of the gym was completed last week, Wake Forest students are hopeful. The university has shown that they recognize the significance in creating a facility where student recreation can thrive, and we, as the Editorial Board, completely support the university’s decision to make the rennovations.

After Phase I, the campus received two new prestine basketball courts. Since the opening, the courts have been heavily used  by students campuswide.

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Members of Outdoor Pursuits are excited about their new office space located in the basement of the gym extension.

It is important that the university invested in, and continues to invest in, campus recreational facilities because they promote healthy living on campus.

Without a gym, track, weight room or fields, it would be challenging for students to be physically active, so it is imperative that these resources be provided to the students.

All students are required to take Health and Exercise Science 100 and 101 to learn about living a healthy life physically and mentally.

In those classes, students learn that being active not only helps with physical health, but also mental health.

One of the first things students are taught is that exercise is crucial to reducing stress  levels and improves overall attitudes.

At a challenging university where high stress is a common aspect of many student’s lives, it is of the utmost importance to make sure they have acceptable facilities to exercise in.

Wake Forest promotes healthy living through campaigns, speakers and events, and these facilities are essential for students to execute that.

In addition to providing a better place for current students to exercise, Wake Forest needs to continue investing in its recreational facilities in order to continue to make the university attractive to prospective students.

As the university continues to grow and more students choose to attend Wake Forest, the exercise facilties should continue to expand, too.

These facilities are also attractive to prospective athletes. Top-ranked athletes are looking for a school that has the facilities up to their caliber, so it is important to make sure that Wake Forest is a place student-athletes want to attend.

Many students want to be at a school that has good sports teams, so Wake Forest can increase the number of applicants and be more selective in the acceptance process.

With intramurals, aquatics, Outdoor Pursuits and club sports, the campus recreation facilities are constantly in use. We believe the renovations will positively impact the student body in one way or another.

We are excited to see what the new rennovations have in store for campus.

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