Chris Ware/Lexington Herald-Leader/TNS
Chris Ware/Lexington Herald-Leader/TNS

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be confined to one day

Given that Valentine’s Day has recently come and gone, I figured most people would still be finishing off their carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and watching that last episode of “Parks and Rec.”

However, others are still probably editing that perfect, lovey-dovey Instagram post.

Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, or whether you’re somewhere in the middle, I’d like to take a second and remind ourselves why the meaning of Valentine’s Day is much deeper than we often realize.

Personally, I’d like to think that the meaning of Valentine’s Day goes beyond spending money on your boyfriend or girlfriend. Instead, I think it’s a reminder to spend time with anyone you love — be it your mom, your best friend, your dog, or yes, your significant other.

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Valentine’s Day isn’t about the hearts and chocolate — although, I have no shame in eating a whole package of Ferrero Roches this weekend — instead, it should be about genuine camaraderie and the quality of your relationships.

Now, I’m not saying to go and neglect your significant other for the whole weekend, but keep in mind that you have a whole family and a group of friends of whom you love very much — and they deserve to receive some of that attention too.

Secondly, who said there was only one day out of the entire year for which you can express your love for someone?

You should love every day and love deeply. Love passionately and love unconditionally.

Taking two seconds out of everyday to say “I love you” is so simple, yet so underrated.

I promise, those three words can brighten up someone’s day entirely, so don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to tell someone you love them — tell them now and tell them often. They might not be there forever.

Lastly, however you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day is your choice; no one should make you feel bad about it.

The media teaches us to believe that we have to be in a relationship for one specific day, and on that day we need to buy expensive jewelry, dress up, have a fancy dinner and go to a romantic movie.

Now, how many couples actually do this? Not many. We’re in college, and most of us are broke and single for that matter.

So if you want to sit in your room, in your pjs, eating Ramen, watching old re-runs of Friends, then do it. If you want to order pizza and have a sleepover with your girlfriends, then that’s fine too!

Or you can do what I did, and go see “How to be Single” with your mom — that’s also fantastic. You can never go wrong with Rebel Wilson.

My point is, Valentine’s Day is whatever you want it to be; the day is different for everyone, but its purpose is universal.

So spend time with the ones you hold dearest, eat some chocolate, and say “I love you.”  That advice doesn’t just stand for one day of the year, but every day.

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