Valentines Day horoscope date ideas: Wake Forest edition

Valentine’s Day horoscope date ideas: Wake Forest edition

Horoscopes can be amusing, but do not usually give any specific advice.

This February, the Old Gold & Black offers Deacon-date ideas categorized by zodiac sign to ensure that the stars all align for you on Valentine’s Day.

ARIES: Swipe yourself and your significant other into the Pit, or do a solo swipe in to enjoy Lucky Charms marshmallows while doing a little charming yourself. Maybe a stranger will “accidentally” touch hands with you while reaching for the spinach — the most romantic veggie — in the pasta line, or maybe you’ll just have to lend your table’s salt to get some sugar.

TAURUS: Don’t be afraid to bring your new shawty to Shorty’s during Tuesday Trivia Night. Show off fun fact knowledge, fold cloth napkin origami swans and guarantee yourself a second date if you win a first-place gift card. You could plan your whole wedding on Pinterest before the night’s over. No one promotes student engagement quite like Student Union.

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GEMINI: Netflix and grill outside if you’re main two relationships are with House of Cards and hamburgers this semester. However, if you’re feeling really fancy and want to cook for your significant other, Amazon Prime and thyme will also be a good option to spice things up.

CANCER: Valentine’s is on a Tuesday this year, which means it falls right between #ManCrushMonday and #WomanCrushWednesday. If you set up a picnic on the quad and throw in a puppy to seal the deal, soon your #ThrowbackThursday will be a throwback to when you were single.

LEO: Show your dedication to your significant other, and their IM team, by bringing pom-poms and a cutout of your own head to their next game. If your significant other doesn’t play IMs because he/she doesn’t exist, get your head in the game and shoot some musical hoops. Maybe Campus Rec will invest in a kiss-cam.

VIRGO: If you want to be a true “Q-tee” this Valentines Day, hang out in the Q parking lot. After all, love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru. This is a good option whether you’re single and can’t aFord to Dodge any more of Cupid’s arrows or you want your relationship to eVolvo into something more.

LIBRA: Spend your day in the library, making sure that you take time to study the romance languages. You can give Siri an accent and practice your dialogue for that speech test. Cupid may be hanging out in the Red Room, but just play it casual and find a table elsewhere. It’s possible you’ll see someone from across the atrium and think to yourself “atri-yum.”

SCORPIO: Make sure to check the mailroom  for love letters from your secret admirer. Really anything in the alphabet can be romantic, but especially the letters L, O, V, E, any X’s and O’s, and U, P, S. If you don’t want to accomo(date) for long-distance relationships and pay postage, e-cards are a great way to send greetings to friends and family.

SAGITTARIUS: Treat your significant other, or even just yourself, to some Camino baked goods and the drink of the week at Campus Grounds. The caffeine will help you to espresso your feelings, and you might find out there’s someone who likes you a latte. You might even meet your future love muffin; anything is possible.

CAPRICORN: Separating your whites from your colors won’t be a bore when you run into a lonesome stranger in the laundry room. Have a quick conversation about your ironic pop culture t-shirt references and funky socks. Return when Laundry View tells you to, and if it’s meant to be, they will have cleaned the lint filter.

AQUARIUS: Sneak into Wait Chapel and bribe the carrilon to play either Single Ladies or Crazy in Love, depending on your current relationship status. It’s easier to catch feelings when you’ve also caught a catchy tune in your head, and there might be a Beyonce fan who appreciates your taste.

PISCES: Try to get outside and spend time on the swings near Scales. They say that if you swing at the same pace as someone else, you’re destined to date. Plus, the proximity to the marching band field might have you humming the Wake Forest fight song — a romantic tune indeed.

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