President Ally Swartzberg releases statement

“The Elections Committee is an impartial body whose responsibility includes the investigation of campaign violation reports made by members of the Wake Forest community against candidates for Student Government positions. It is typical during an election cycle for multiple allegations to be made and for sanctions to be levied when appropriate in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Elections Packet and Statutes. All sanctioning decisions are made under the advisement of Associate Dean for Student Engagement Tim Wilkinson and Director of Student Organizations Shauna McNeil. As a body, the Committee has two equally important priorities: maintenance of an honest and equitable election and the wellbeing of each individual candidate and member of the community.
Under no circumstances do I condone statements or behaviors that defame, bully, or otherwise call into question the character of individual candidates. I would ask students to please refrain from any further commentary that is defamatory in nature and to remove any defamatory posts made to this point. Candidates are people. They deserve the respect of their peers. Their wellbeing matters. I am disappointed by the statements I am seeing across social media platforms. It takes a deep and sincere love for your community to seek the position of president or any other executive position. These jobs are stressful and exhausting – you do not go through the election process without sincere care for our shared home and the people in it. I hope that, regardless of who you vote for or the election outcome, we can honor and thank each of these candidates for their willingness to give their best for our community.”