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Krankies expands venue and menu

Recently, the Krankies we all know and love got a face lift.

Before the renovation, Krankies was just a renovated warehouse which gave it a “punk” and “do-it-yourself” atmosphere. The new Krankies feels transformed and modern with its chrome tables and wall coverings. While there is more seating, the space seems to be condensed, as a sound control room takes up most of the space on the side that used to house the stage.

The new stage is painted a sleek black, as opposed to the wood stage there before. While unfortunately there is no longer seating on the stage, it seems to be of a much higher quality with more professional sound equipment.

One drawback of the renovation is the lighting. Although it adds to the atmosphere, it is hard to see at times. Even though the rougher feel of the original Krankies is gone, it is still unique and has a very local and community-based feel. It has its own garden and sells their locally grown produce to other businesses.

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Their food is home-grown and their coffee is roasted in-house. Also adding to the community feel, Krankies hosts local jazz shows every Monday night as well as other assorted local shows.   

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the food. Krankies retains its extensive list of coffee, tea and other beverages. There are also a wide array of pastries available to enjoy while sipping your coffee. Perhaps the biggest change at Krankies is their expanded kitchen, allowing them to serve meals.

This is an exciting change because now the coffeehouse is a full- fledged café. That’s right, for those of you who have not visited Krankies since their renovation, you can now order sandwiches and other meal items with your coffee.

The menu offers mostly café staples, such as sandwiches, soups and salads, but they also have a few less common options, such as Ribs n Grits and house special fried rice. Additionally, they also offer a Sunday Brunch.

Krankies has started hosting food centered events such as Oyster Happy Hour and a Dumpling Party. I attended the dumpling party, but they ran out of dumplings in the first hour of what was slated to be a five hour event.

This was, without a doubt, disappointing, but it seems likely that Krankies is still learning how to accommodate their increased seating.

Hopefully issues such as these will be fixed in the future. I think once the kinks get ironed out these events will be very fun and tasty.

While the atmosphere of Krankies has changed, it feels like a natural change to a more mature restaurant.

Through the extension, Krankies continues to provide coffee to other local small businesses, retaining  the tight-knit-family feel that so many love about the brand.

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