Deac Diaries: Entry 1


Roksanna Keyvan

Deac Diaries is a brand new podcast, available on Spotify.

Dear Deac Diaries, This is Roksanna Keyvan and Prarthna Batra, a pair of freshmen here at Wake Forest. We don’t know every person here, we don’t know every nook and cranny, and we don’t know everything to do or everything there is to know about college at Wake Forest. But we do know that neither does everyone else.

We want this to be the place for all Deacs to come together, hear someone’s story, and get to know someone a bit more personally. For our first entry, we spoke to Joe Devoy (’26) and Landon Ellis (’26), who are both spontaneous musicians. You have probably heard them play around campus, but have you heard their real song? Listen to our conversation with them and learn a note or two. If you have a story you want to tell or one you want to hear, let us know at [email protected] or [email protected] — we want to put your entry into the Deac Diary. xoxo Roksanna & Prarthna

This podcast is a product of the Old Gold & Black, Wake Forest University’s student newspaper. It is hosted by Prarthna Batra and Roksanna Keyvan; produced and managed by Cooper Sullivan.