SG executives need  to be more transparent

SG executives need to be more transparent

In the recent weeks, the school has been filled with many students campaigning and advocating for their stances and what they want to implement if elected into a Student Government position.

The candidates have visited various organizations around campus to share their platforms and why they would be the best person for their respective position.

Now that the election is over, it is time for the elected officers to act on their promises and serve the needs of the student body.

All of the newly elected officers said they wanted to be a voice for students. We believe that transparency is one of the most important qualities of someone serving our student body. 

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It is time for the officers to get more student feedback and make themselves and the entire Student Government more visible within the Wake Forest community.

We believe there needs to be more communication between Student Government and the student body. Most students do not even know who our elected officials are — and that needs to change.

When we vote for these elections, we expect that our representatives will be engaged and committed to their position and having transparency between Student Government and the student body will hold those officials accountable. We want to see change and have faith that those who we voted for are capable of following through on their promise to represent us.

One platform that many of the candidates spoke about was inclusivity. The university has made efforts to be more inclusive, but there are still challenges ahead.

Wake Forest prides itself on engaging well-rounded students, so it is time for the university, with the leadership of Student Government to promote the equality of all organizations and students on this campus.

During this past year efforts, have been made to promote the individuality and diversity of students.

We have confidence that the new Student Government executives can continue and expand upon this progress going in to the 2016-2017 school year.

Candidates make promises in the election season and we hope that many of them are followed up on. These executives were voted in because we believe in their platforms and ideas.

One of the most important factors of being on Student Government is having trust between the government and the general public. We believe the new executives can maintain our trust as they take over in the fall by following through on their actions and keeping open communication between all parties.

Being a part of Student Government is by no means an easy task to handle, so we commend each of the four executives for putting in their time and energy in to making Wake Forest a better school for us.

The Editorial Board looks forward to seeing what Student Government accomplishes in the new school year.

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